If Conor McGregor Wins On Saturday He Could Break Las Vegas

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  • Dj Cage

    Well he’s not winning so don’t worry about it.

  • yolkipalki69

    Connor gonna whoop dat azz

    • TygaSellsReggies

      Fuck that

    • Ur Mom

      U must be smoking crack thinking that

      • yolkipalki69

        Crack lol more like that sour…..dude connor is am animal

  • Carlos Galpert

    I honestly think the fights gonna be boring it will go 12 rounds mayweather wins unanimous decision like always conor wont be able to land many punches I wouldn’t be surprised if McGregor gets frustrated and loses his cool near the end of the fight and jus roundhouse kicks him to the head and starts a fuckin riot lmao

    • smith jones

      No cause Connor could be charged with assualt with a deadly weapon (his feet).. fighters jus can’t start hitting people..

      • Bill Jansen

        Fuck the charges his contract forbids it an can forfit his doe

        • Frank White

          yeah but the assault part would force Mayweather to sue. Dana White said Conor would be sued if he kicked Mayweather and it would ruin his life haaa, more than just forfeiting the fight money.

          • Bill Jansen

            Before he sue connor would be broke chek the paperwork its a lock

    • Bill Jansen

      Nah his contract forbids it an if he kicks or anyting it will cost him. Millions he aint stupid

    • Ben Blazon

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayweather schools him defensively the second half of the fight and taunts the tf outta him, provoking McGreggor to do some stupid shit like that. Huge payday for him afterwards.
      I might be reaching tho.
      Damn, I said the same thing you did, SMH. Still gona posting tho.

    • Jodeci Cashmoney Parker

      LMFAO i could see that but then again he dont wanna be sued so he probably wont.

  • Food4Thought

    Even though Conor is about to get washed, fuck it I’m still putting $100 on him anyways

    • Jodeci Cashmoney Parker

      I seriously thought about doing it too because its gambling and this is fighting two of the things where anything could happen what if you put that $100 on him and Floyd gets knocked out? I doubt it happens unless he gets caught but WHAT IF. I think ima put $100 on it too instead of buying the fight.

  • Jodeci Cashmoney Parker

    12 round UD for Floyd but if he does indeed knock Floyd out OMFG.