Ice Cube Confirms Another ‘Friday’ Movie And Its Title

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  • ChiTownT

    Would definitely be interested in seeing it because the franchise has been funny in different ways but it’s been so long since the first I can’t even begin to imagine a grown ass Smokey

  • Astronaut

    Chris Tucker made a point. They all in they 40s now. Would probably do it how he did Barbershop3

    • SloanTheDon

      And they all got paid mad little for the first friday movie

      • imaginationsequation

        not really when you look at what it did for multiple people’s careers. I doubt Chris Tucker would have been in many other movies after house party 3

        • SloanTheDon

          Never said anything about the impact of their roles on their career. Simply stating they got paid low amounts for the movie, which might be a reason why it’s been so hard to make another Friday movie. No one’s going to take 10,000 to be in another Friday movie.

          • imaginationsequation

            It was a low budget hood movie that turned into a classic. That would kinda be ungrateful to not do another one because of money. But I’m willing to bet 98% of the cast would gladly take $10,000 now

          • SloanTheDon


        • Def comedy jam was the best of his work

          • ChiTownT

            I still remember seeing that for the first time with my older brother. He killled that shit

          • Man I still have them on VHS lol

        • BrodieThaGod

          Chris was the highest paid actor for a minute. Friday really gave him that push he needed.

      • Astronaut



    Either way, it’s about that time.

  • FaboLoso

    they better not ruin it by putting that fake chris tucker dc young fly in it

  • SkidRow

    Nigga didn’t you kill yourself like 2 weeks ago…. how you be postin shit?

  • t-stupid

    Dat shit would b so fire if smokey came back they need everybody in dat last one tho Smokey,DayDay,Debo,Big Worm,Ezeal,Damond triple OG,Money Mike,Pinky,& lil Chico datz a fuckin move ya heard me

  • Daniel King

    I can’t wait for this movie I have been hoping for a Friday movie for years definitely hope Chris Tucker is in it never forget first time I watched Friday in my teens I was in pain with laughter lol

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    I don’t think it’ll be as good as the first 2 but I hope it will be better than Friday After Next.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    I will bet anyone, any amount of money that this will be wack my nigga. Rotten Tomatoes gonna rate that bitch 4 stars. Why release a movie 20 years later? Better of waiting another 20 (in total 40 years later) and remaking the whole franchise.

  • nelly47

    Damn Bernie Mac and antDell are not longer with us..I miss them..

  • Disqus user

    Ice cube gonna be part owner of a dog catching company with his pops..DC and ice cube son gonna be working the company getting into some shit..tucker just gonna be DC pops but married to Craig sister lmfao it’s funny how they never mention her any more in the movies..

  • Poopmaster

    Don’t care for this.