Ian Connor Shares Text Message From Revenge-Minded Drake

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  • Charge ya phone rapist. People who share text messages…like u seriously snitching, private convos need not be shared

  • Astronaut

    Facebook turning niggas into bitches

  • Rhymeschemin

    he’s a rapist tho

    • Spookeysmoker

      He’s white tjough

  • niggas out her screen shottin convos with other niggas now? and postin it online to look cool? this generation is so full of shit

    • Towlie

      yup we should just get high fuck this generation

      • man pass that shit towlie

        • Towlie

          Ok , i gotchu right now

      • Spookeysmoker

        I need parts

        • Towlie

          what kinda parts

          • Spookeysmoker

            The Ls and bings

    • Lol shoe

      Yea Social Media really has fucked our generation. I can’t imagine how the next Generation of kids are going to act.

      Seeing 8-12year olds with ipads, iphone and facebook lol.

      • bruh it’s crazy as hell when you think about it. I couldn’t imagine bein a kid today with all this technology lol

        • Lamar XnoXes

          ex’s niece got an ipad at 3. cell phone at 4. I’m done…

    • treywingo2000


    • Adam

      its also the generation of older heads down talking to this generation in disapproval. sound familiar?? lol

      • I know right…imagine for a moment that men who have matured and experienced life actually have something critical — and often true to say about society. no matter how much it hurts the little snowflakes feelings?

  • Trabiscayne

    HHE… How about Drake accidentally dropped his spoon in his CHEERIOS & some milk splashed on his chin… gtfoh w/ this shit.

    • NYCityKid


  • YoungGizzle

    Like true preppy white boys who had it all talkin’ lol. Female tendencies Im embarrassed being here.

  • λόγος

    People take themselves too serious now and days because of the number of platforms dats Out – especially Hip Hop

  • λόγος

    For Gods sake these Mfs ain’t even Real musicians

  • λόγος

    And they damn sure aint legends No1 will speak about these Rap n*ggas in the far future. Like Jesus.. Martin.. Obama.. Socrates a Mozart or even Jordan. Steve Jobs will even hold more weight in history then these dudes

  • λόγος

    Bottom line Hip Hop is based on trend nothing more serious then that.. entertainment don’t ever compare yourself to Kobe you bih n*gga #HeGoHardInThePaint lol

    • kobe just like the dude drake was texting, he got accused of rape to lol

      • λόγος

        I guess you tryna sound cute but homeboi aint got Sh.. on Kobe

  • λόγος

    MOOD: Don Q – Everything Lit

  • λόγος