Ian Connor Posts Evidence Of Travis Scott Swiping A$AP Rocky’s Style

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  • Killa Cam Newton

    So you can’t be dark skin with braids anymore.. He was looking like that before A$AP got known

    • -Travis Scott fanboy

      • NYCityKid

        U think he tryna look like Rocky?

        • frankwhitedc

          Look at his avi . His opinion doesn’t matter sis

          • NYCityKid


          • Look at ur avi, a fuckboy wearing glasses inside smh

          • NYCityKid


          • frankwhitedc

            Womp womp .

          • #Worklife


        • Not look, be like in many ways. Hes influenced but doesnt want to admit it

          • NYCityKid

            The only reason i can’t agree with you. A because he been doin music since he was dumb young. Wit his pops being an influence plus that nigga to weird to seem like he mimics anybody.

          • Im talking about music videos, and the way the move. Not musically but visually he def influnced

          • NYCityKid

            Ok I see what ur sayin… On another note I’m waitin on Spurs to take this lead.

          • Fuck that Bulls and 6ers OT

          • NYCityKid

            Yea. I’m glad u kno it’s not even worth watching them hold this L

      • Killa Cam Newton

        I don’t like either one and to be honest I had no idea Travis Scott came from a very good background considering how much of a idiot he is on stage. I’m just saying he been on way before asap rocky

    • 100squad

      I mean if thats the case, young thugg kind of resemble them both too.

    • Thatregulargirl

      How many passing and rushing yards Newton about to put up on Sunday?

      • Killa Cam Newton


  • Kaylyn Harris

    so a hair style and wearing skinny jeans means your jacking someones style? how about rocky jackin houstons entire vibe. we dont bump your shit over here, you aint been hot anyways since 2011

    • ITS ME

      fuck houston!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • luis rosario

        Chill trill sammy gonna come find that ass.

  • Chill Life

    They look like they are just dressing the same as others in the rap industry. So I guess everybody copying everybody

  • Omar

    Ian Connor is a dickrider trying too defend his Bae ASAP rocky who cares about how who dress what are we 7 ?

  • Hanzi Turd

    Rocky has doesn’t anything new he saw his style from someone else so everyone is guilty of “swag” jacking lol so fucking stupid what theyre arguing about

  • FerragamoFelz

    They all learnt from ppl like ODB lost boys etc I like asap tho..

  • Kingquazy

    I’d like to take this opportunity… to personally thank…. the ENTIRE A$AP Mob for taking time out of their schedules to make my guy Le Flame that much more famous. Every little bit counts, fuck what you heard lol

  • Kingquazy

    P.S. ….. Travi$ Scott has never been photographed, nor filmed, wearing a dress and/or a skirt.


    Us, new york niggas are some fly ass niggas b.everywhere we go,state to state niggas could tell a new york nigga apart. Travis scott thinks ASAP rocky is fly its cooll bro yuh heard lollll

    • OooohhhhhFuhh

      I could recognize a NY fool because of their timbs attire

      • Rob N. Lebron

        What you really want to say is that you can tell a NY nigga because of how he stole your girl lol

        • Nigga said “attire” white boy tried his hardest to make that joke

          • Rob N. Lebron


  • The Realist

    Travis Scott was never relevant, especially not on the mic

    • Gimmemyflowback

      I wanna just say rocky stole purrp style, who was wearin palace before rocky? Purpp, who put Asap onto all black? Sgp2.7.5 aka black land aka raider klan , who’s lyrics wud Asap copy? Purpp so shut yo Travis Scott copying style when it makes no sense cause Asap rocky got a stylist lmao meaning it’s not his style, it’s Ian Connors.

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Yeah, but Rocky took his ”all black” style from Black Raider Klan back in 2011 – 2012.

    • Kingquazy

      That’s got nothing to do with the all black. We do that for a different reason my man. One look around and you will see there are a LOT of musicians who only wear black.

      • Twizz the Whiz Kid

        Trust me, I already know… I’m heavily deep into this shit. The facts still remains though, Rocky wasn’t really doing that shit like that until he ran into SpaceGhostPurrp & BRK, 275.

  • V3ryH1GH

    If you care Moore about fashion than saving the only planet you have then you’re the problem

  • ✪H IL L ß I L L Y ✰♔⚮点灯

    its cuz hes wearin palace i bet

  • Maniac

    This shit weird, 1 Rocky wanna be a Houston nigga, Travis a Houston nigga. Rocky, was biting Houston culture. So chill…
    Then all these niggas dressing like that anyway. But Travis seems more of a grunge style. Plus he’s a lot more influenced by Kanye. Ian Connor, Needs to realize Kanye all these nigga’s father.

  • Rocky has a goddamn “style director”. You ain’t original if you gotta pay your homie to tell you what to fuckin wear…

  • black adam

    so basically they mad that scott supposedly was biting his style but its cool when rocky bites the southern style sound? okay then

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    What’s up with everyone claming a style that’s been going on for years? Nothing has been original since the 60’s; That goes for fashion, slang, and music. If anything, if your doing something right, of course their will be copy’s and clones of your version. Think about how the guy feels who invented the chair, and how many type of chairs are out there?

  • dhusu

    all this gossip and bullshit only takes away from the true purpose of being a rapper, to make music. nowadays mainstream artist get so caught up in rumors and twitter/instagram drama it’s almost childish to say the least

  • MrMc Clay

    He high jacking the style like he does the atl sound. He not his own artist but a copy cat, I will say the song with the weekend is ok.

  • Niggas talk more than bitches these days. Just let that sink in.

  • Cj Sizemore

    Say I’m from the lone star state and the whole asap mob got their style from us, and then their gonna talk about someone from the H jockin them.. u got me fucked up!!! LLAB!!!