Hot 97 Announces Summer Jam Lineup

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  • yolkipalki69

    hot 97 they still around?! lol had to start paying for xm when they became a trash radio station.

  • Shane Martin

    Horrible lineup

  • NYK & POT

    East rutherford bout to be full of more talentless bums than a jets home game. Foh with this weak summer jam. No jada? No fab? No young ma? Not a single wu tang clan member bruh? Man ny hip hop is messed up with the politics. What happened to my city mane? Desiigner really the only up and comer worth grabbing? What about Bas the genius out of coles camp? I cant think of any dudes off the top but desiigner tho?

    We need like a supplemental draft for New york hip hop something like that old race draft chapelle show episode. Except with just 5 picks for nyc.

    How bout
    1. j. Cole (moved here anyway its the chinese wu tang clan argument lol)
    2. Logic
    3. Big sean
    4. Jay electronica
    And the sleeper pick in the 5th and final round cyhi.
    Now imagine all them on some ready to die notorious big/wu tang like boom bap soul sample production. We need that back man.Oh and trade trash desiigner and troy ave for future draft picks. Rant over now ima go back to DAMN. on repeat so i can hear real hip hop.

    • NYK & POT

      Just saw young ma was snubbed to the festival stage but still smh. Tory lanez bigger in ny than her? Doubt it. Put his over emotional drake crush having pop tune singing ugly chipped tooth mug on the festival stage. Looks like one of young mas ugly lez groupies anyway lol

      • 100squad

        Bruh calm down Young MA aint gone be there do to scheduling conflicts…She got pussy to eat & titties to touchh that day sheesh