Horseshoe Gang Responds To Hopsin & Funk Volume’s 500K Challenge

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  • these guys are beasts on the mic

  • dope33

    Crooked i…..has taught those dudes well….i wanna see hopsin vs earl sweatshirt homie. Dope battle…or planet asia…

  • dope33

    I think black hippy might get into it….mykestro..will eat hopsin…shout out to locksmith.also…hopsin is dope.anticipated to see how this goes dwm.

  • Charles Adams

    Hopsin better be thankful SBA ant steppin up to his challenge. Menace X & Raven Blaze would verbally slaughta that young buck

    • Bmore Snipaz

      Young Bucks in G Unit tho, lol. Buck Banks and Kidd Kidd should ride on this too

  • Youngtolo

    Jarren Benton will slaughter them all lool

    • TheRenaissanceMan

      you’re a fool

      • Supa Van

        shut up !

    • Dakota Merritt

      They dumb sleeping on funk volume

    • dakota smith

      lmao jarren would get slaughtered it would be 3 on 1 because jarren is the only hope that FV has of winning

      • Youngtolo

        If this is what they’re putting out they will get beat but if they put out some old school daily shit they gonna slaughter

    • luis rosario

      talkin before knowledge. wait untill you see them slaughter funk volume. gut them open, sell their organs on the black market and devour their souls. they have no idea what their up against.

  • Gg90

    Lol funk isn’t much man all these dudes are good lyricly and better then meek and mill ? Ofcourse these guys can rap lol

  • stretch

    yezzir c.o.b coming hard…half a meal got ya half a mill

  • dope33

    Honestly. …hopsin is nasty..jarred benton is dope..they are influenced buy eminem. ..and horseshoe gang is influenced by crooked i…let the lyrics pop off…ohh yea. Look foward to Royce. 59 vs joe budden

    • R.V.D.

      Royce and budden ARE NOT BEEFING

  • jBrizzle

    COB been waiting for their shot and now the door is open.
    They have lots of material. However this is great for Hip Hop actually!
    Love Hopsin but man. Someone gassed him up!

  • brollya

    horseshoe gang bout to kill des dudes

  • Justin Jolly

    I think funk volume should come at this without a chorus, just seamlessly switching and spitting. That’d be fire.

  • dope33

    Young buck meaning in general…like callin some some one young…not g unit…lol..smh

  • Soxx Mcephe

    this track is fire ….but i doubt it shaked FV in any way …. swizz and benton can take em on

    • xnoxes

      swizz is absolute garbage. the only one on there that got lyrical skills is benton. other than that there aint shit on that label

  • EmceeChen

    I think funk volume was kinda hoping like young money or black hippy or someone would challenge them, but smaller groups like these make much more sense to respond to something like this haha

    • Dominic Morrison

      Do you know who black hippy consists of lmao.

      An soul
      And Isiah Rashad
      That’s not even fair

      • EmceeChen

        Yeah I know! Plus Jay rock and schoolboy!

  • Adrian Blank

    Where’s the punchlines? The clever bars. Spitting fast is cool and all, but this is a battle dude. Sounds like you’re making another song to me.

    • DeezNutz

      HSG ‘s bars are goin over ya head. Listen carefully…

  • dj202


  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Who tf is Horsegang?

    • dj202

      Who the Fuck is funk volume

      • Vuitton, The Ruler

        I only know Hopsin. Every one is trying to get attention.

  • this is going to be the WORST fucking battle ever

  • luis rosario

    Lmao do you guys know who the horseshoe gang is haha yall have no idea right. im putting all my money with them. look them up do your fucking homework fuckboys before you talk shit about HSG. they are the most lyrical most intellectual group of not well known hip hop heavyweights they will SHIT on funk volume. LOOK them up ive known about them for years and are superrrrr underrated. C.O.B. Horseshoe gang ALL DAY before funk volume. You guys have no clue what they got themselves into.