Hopsin Says The Rap Game Has Ruined Black Clulture; Goes In On Drake

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  • jahhhh b

    Sounds like a bitter bitch

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      How is telling the truth, the same as sounding like a bitter bitch?

      • Enrique Zamudio

        He is bitter nd I’m not a drake fan but the dude sound bitter af

        • OGG Prince

          Yall trap music fans ain’t it

          • Enrique Zamudio

            Tf no I’m a trap fan cause I’m saying Hopsin is bitter read that shit he is he wack anyways

        • Kenny

          U right. Y can’t people just wat they like? He’s successful, so y does it matter wat other artists get more spins or have a bigger fan base than him? News flash: u can’t change the world w a twitter rant… this dude tryin to be the new age Ghandi or sumthin? Hopsin must b takin twitter lessons from Meek.

      • CLOVER•

        But you got lil ovo owl on your bird chest be easy
        And I heard your girls Pussy smells like a baked tuna sub with Alfredo sauce on it

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          Let me start by saying, congratulations on changing your gay ass profile pic. That selfie was damn thru. Lmao, and why you disrespecting your mom? You know that’s my bish. And you got OVO jokes, when you was just on Drake’s dick on “The migos claim drake stole they flow” article. Now you hate Drake, Lmao the irony. Either I made you hate Drake or you wishy washy

          • CLOVER•

            NEVER FOH
            lolll you’re weak ass ain’t affecting shit

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Yes I *effected *your weak ass.

          • CLOVER•

            Get your homonyms up nigga

      • jahhhh b

        U don’t c common.. Talib .. The roots , David banner, or even Bob bitchin

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          Did this nigga just put Common, Talib, and the roots on the same level as David Banner and B.o.B?! Lmao, I wish Charlamagne was here to give you the donkey of the day award. And B.o.B does lots of bitching, so does David Banner

          • jahhhh b

            It was never a comparison u dumb yup.. Its about rappers that don’t rap about material stuff and don’t bitch about attention

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            I’m dumb but you spelled you wrong and it’s. Kill yourself, if this was an English test you know how far from A you’d be?

      • wayne barrow

        he is bitter or he is feeling some type of wayhe has no sales and he isnt a big rapper he may feel this way but lets be honest he just got a great amount of attention from this rant and im sure he would think he was. not saying he did this for the attention but it had to fly by his mind hopsin isnt included in many peoples list as top 5 right now or even top 10 he may talk about subject that are real but he just does not have that it factor about him his style and flow is judgemetal and preachy and no one wants to listen to that why do hip hop real shit come at drake because he is number one but he said drake dosent write his songs drake has not wroten SOME OF HIS SONGS NOT ALLL and this is not commin from a drake fan but lets BE HONEST WE ALL LOVE DRAKE SONGS EVEN IF WE DONT LIKE HIM

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          Thanks for your Harvard entrance essay -_- Guy Drake isn’t the #1 rapper. True enough he’s selling more. But think about it. Everyone in the US from Canada is buying Drake shit. But Drake don’t make you think like Kendrick, Lupe, or many others. He says basic shit. And he is softer than a memory foam mattress. He’s emo. I like his shit, but often he goes emo. Hospin isn’t no where near as good as Drake when it comes to music being released. But when it comes to realness, originality, and credibility Hospin is greater. Drake’s whole facade is fake.

          • wayne barrow

            thanks ima take that harvard as a huge compliment Drakes content is great he is just a hit maker after the 2005 and etc what did jay z start doin just start makin hits thats wat drake is a hit maker whether he does a pop/rap record or r&b if you really listen to drake i have no idea how you could say he is emo he is just very lovey dover he has a big heart basing off his music and lets be real if drake is so soft why did he jus kill one of the biggest street artist out here in a rap battle instead of tweeting like a social media goon bitch TRIGGA FINGERS TURN TO TWITTER FINGERS! I LOVE MEEK BUT HE LOST IN A RAP BATTLE AGAINST SOMEONE who everyone says is “SOFT” and bro i really dont think you listen to drake because his bars are actualyy way above average thats why he won this rap battle he has bars Drake is way on top he definetly is the best right now and im not even a drake fan just a hip hop geek nigga lol

          • wayne barrow

            one more thing DRAKE IS A HIT MAKER HE DOES NOT NEED TO MAKE ME THINK JUST DANCE SING ALONG TO A GREAT SONG do some homework before saying things

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Does Drake also make you text in all caps, like a screaming bitter bish? And why does everyone act like Drake don’t have bad songs? He has a plethora of terrible songs to go along with the good songs y’all dick ride.

  • iPhone

    Bitch stop

  • NaZe

    hes 100% right but them contacts though smhhh

  • Omar

    Shout out too hopsin. He right drake got ghostwriters and he’s still on top. Nobody wants too beleven the truth.

    • LatarionMilton

      Or nobody cares and just wants to hear good music…..

      • Paul

        If you want to hear what a young lady would call “good music” can you quit labeling it as something its not? Hard, Gangster, Rap, Ect.?

  • duh

    Where he get them contacts from though reminds me of that method man shit back in the day

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Reminds me of the opening scene of belly

  • Jarrett

    This man hopsin crazy af! Bet drake wont step to this man though lolololol

    • Omar

      Lmao it be like what common did too him but way worst he would expose him more


        Common did nothing to him and how could hopsin expose him more? Nigga acts like a 12 year old

        • T guest

          Really? .. Common did drake like how drake did meek

          • Really? Thats why Commons album flopped later and Drake continued to drop #1s? U Drake haters will dickride anyone he beefs with smh

          • T guest

            Yea of course his gonna sell more sense when have you seen a 90’s hip hop artist yo sell more then one of the newest hip hop artist who also got more females fans because of their singing and playing on a teens TV show??? Right is mainly for groupies like you. Anybody who fucks with real hip hop knows what the fuck I’m talking bout… Lil groupie as nigga you probably think he better then Kendrick too. Nigga j. Cole better then Drake.. Gone with that fuck shit

          • Zero

            Nah, I didn’t hear much of Common after Drake’s Stay Scheming verse.

          • frank ty peterson

            Ctfu ummm Wayne umm Jay they sell the hell is you talking about look at what Dre just did

          • Cho

            You are proving Hopsins point man. Wayne, Jay, are both all about sex drugs and material things. j cole is nice, he’s just doing what he has to do in order to get the label to market him. And Dre just released a soundtrack full of niggas bitches hoes and killing. Yep, that’s what Hopsins point is. Kendrick is dope, but how did he get big, by rapping about alcohol and sex.

          • Paul

            Well, my 12 year old friend, real hiphop heads understand that Drake isn’t hiphop. Making a #1 R&B songs for very young and trashy women to bump doesn’t make a #1 Hiphop song for real niggas to bump. Get on with your soft little ass.

          • Et cet·er·a

            It’s no difference than you dick riding Drake

          • James Edmond

            I know I’m not a Drake hater at all. I was blastin the Take Care album and went to his concert a few months later. Even though Common album might have flopped, I can’t knock how he went in on Drake and that’s real yo

          • Cho

            Super we aren’t talking about how well the industry promotes records, we’re talking about how common lyrically bodied drake to the point where drake apologized. Luda bodied drake lyrically and then drake told Luda “I don’t want problems, you God body” I’m far from a drake hater, I’ve even purchased a couple of albums but I’m also not a fanboy and I know what it is. He ain’t hip hop, he’s an act who’s playing the role. It’s nothing different than Denzel playing the role of a killer, he’s acting. And Hopsin is right, and also extremely successful as an independent artist. Drake fanboys will ignore the truth and dickride.

    • Phenom1250

      This nigga always talking about how hip-hop is dead, but he signed rappers like Dizzy Wright, hypocritical ass nigga

      • The Illest Stylez

        Dizzy wright is that nigga though.. have you not heard the smoked out conversations album. the guy actually has skill. He may have fun with rap every now and then and makes what he thinks people want to here. But that doesn’t make him any less of an artist …

      • Kid Flex

        Try listening to the growing process and then come back and edit your comment

      • Jarrett

        yeah, I look at it like this, I put “rap” and hip-hop into separate genres… so id say hip-hop is dead in a sense but I do know what ya mean… hopsin still fye though

  • yayayayyaya

    You can’t be serious. This guy is the corniest, most gimmicky-ass nigga in the game.

    Your shit is garbage
    What you trying to kick, knowledge?

    • Hoek

      Im not a fan either, but what he is saying is mostly truth, any hip hop head recognizes this, if you disagree you are most likely listening to that same wack shit he mentions and is why you are upset on here talking shit, fake MC’s and their fake ass fans smdh. Hip hop lost touch with originality, the creators must be shaking their heads right now.

      • yayayayyaya

        night classes my nigga…. night classes. It’s not too late for you.

        • Hoek

          Guess i offended you, you seem mad.

          • yayayayyaya

            nah dawg Im here to help.

  • yayayayyaya

    I’d rather be a normal dude than a dude desperately trying to be different just so he can be different.

    This guy is trash. He’s insane clown posse for black people.

  • TheKingShaun

    Referring to the first few tweets , Tyler the creator does the exact same thing. And he did it first if I’m not mistaken

  • Esco23

    Preaching even tho he is weird..i don’t even know who he is…he’s definitely telling the truth the game is southernized right now and has been for the last 6 to 7 years…from the slang to fashion to the drugs…everyone’s following the south…and the game definitely could use more diversity…everyone’s following the next person cuz they trying to get in game quick as possible..they goning with the flow instead of being the flow…

  • B€

    hes corny even if he has a message hes still just like all the other niggas vying for attn white contacts and skateboarding gimmick ass

  • fried rice

    Honestly he’s right though and yea he’s a weirdo but he’s being himself which he states what he likes to do for everybody to know if he doesn’t wanna just hang on a corner and smoke weeds or go to clubs but you can’t call him weird because he’s being himself but meh whatever nothing’s weirds me out really because we all human and different now what weirds me out is people can’t be themselves.

  • I guess Kendrick Lamar, J cole and Mick jenkins rap about bullshit, or floss money like fools. Hopsin is in fact bitter and all three of those rappers has done what he wants to do. Everybody will not make it in the industry and Hopsin is one.

    • Mark Jackson

      Self made millionaire. Owns the second most popular and profitable independent label. And I’ll just leave it at that.

      • Doesn’t matter. He wants to be “out there” thats why he was ranting on twitter. He just needs to chill.

        • Mark Jackson

          He’s ranting about very accurate stuff though. He’s clearly addressing the 95% of rappers that rap about nothing and it’s too real to argue with.

          • ” I’m probably the only rapper genuinely hitting subjects that will make u think about what the hell is really going on in this world ” – Hopsin

            I’m just pointing out that he is not the only one. Like I said he just needs to chill.

          • Mark Jackson

            Lol do uu listen to HOP? this nigga has no chill. Haha

          • I don’t. I prefer cole, kendrick or mick jenkins. I just felt he excluded some real artists.

          • Mark Jackson

            I’ll agree with that. From an artists perspective though, why give their names light when ur promoting yourself.

          • lol just don’t say you’re the only one. I agree with the other things he said, just not the ” I am the only artist” stuff.

          • Kon Khondker

            You are misquoting. “I am probably…the only” is not the same as “I am the only”. Please read again.
            Cole has indeed stuck to his style since the beginning. But even he has songs on money and bitches…
            Kendrick is starting to go into mainstream. He’s done everything.
            I love these guys mentioned above and both of them have been in the game longer than 2 years. So HOP is clearly NOT referring to them.
            And Never heard of mick jenkins. Sorry.

            Anyways. I’m not a hardcore HOP fan, but most of what he’s saying is reality. If Hop is not bigger than Cole or Kendrick according to market value, is because he hasn’t gone mainstream. Maybe you need to chill and accept one’s opinion.

          • wayne barrow

            your stupid how had kendrick gone into mainstream to pimp a butterfly every song on there has been what kendrick talks about or is on his mind these are not songs about drugs money alchol love these are songs that are impactful when i play the blacker the berry for gangsters they feel something alright is a great song lettin us black men know we gonna BE ALRIGHT every song on that album is not mainstream or shouldnt be the quoted “radio single” the songs has jus been impactful the beat is great and it pumps you

          • I stated my opinion and he stated his. Don’t get ridiculous now

          • wayne barrow

            I understand what hopsin is saying but j cole is not really a rapper that hits subjects on what particuar song consistently he says little lines that are very subject meaning but he only has atleast 5 songs that touch on real subjects in hopsins definiton and this is comming from a j cole supporter from day one i love cole he is top 3 in my list right now i say

      • It’s levels to this ish for real… I wonder if King Los will ever go on a rant…

      • fredmion

        Funk volume, was by no stretch the second most profitable independent

    • Jaris Cole

      Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Mick Jenkins do not get regular radio airplay compared to rappers he’s referring to.

    • Paul

      Try again. Kendrick is for white kids who pretend to like hip-hop but don’t listen to lyrics. J. Cole is on point and no one knows Mick Jenkins. Ask the population who he is and then ask them who Drake is then you’ll see the problem.

      • Justice4all

        “Kendrick is for white kids who pretend to like hip-hop but don’t listen to lyric” Holy f*cking sh*t! They may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard……. really? You made my night and my fb page. Thanks for you……. just being you!

        • Paul

          Keep telling yourself I’m wrong and that Chance The Rapper and Schoolboy Q are top artists as well. Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, and Action Bronson blow pretty badly too. It’s okay bby girl. I’ll hold you at night.

          • ko

            “Kendrick is for white kids who pretend to like hip-hop but don’t listen to lyric” Wow. Do you even know who Kendrick is? Maybe you’re confusing him with Rick Ross

    • Dakota Kalavoda

      Exactly what i was thinking!! Everyone u listed is the best out there right now, hopsin acting like he better

    • Cho

      Lol fool Hopsin turned down 3 deals because he’d rather be independent and have freedom to NOT sell out the black community with the same BS. Yes he has made it in the industry, a millionaire is success, even more respected because he doesn’t need a machine to pump his songs on the radio 10000 times a day to make millions. There’s a difference between being bitter and watching your culture get raped and your audience become victims of the dumbing down system. Learn about systematic oppression

  • MrMc Clay

    He did forget j cole kendrick. Guess he was in his feelings mid life crisis

    • exactly.

    • Hoek

      but they aint really that great either, much better then most this “trap” shit and lyrically nice but as an artist, bringing all the elements together, they are somewaht average imo.

  • Ustupid

    Dude is sadly right….

  • Potzie & Hustle

    FOH! White boy crybaby ass logic. He’s pretty successful as far as his immediate independent following (Skaters, meth addicts, juggalos, skating meth addicted juggalos, Oreo’s…) and he should stick to that. Nobody wants to hear about throat slitting and blasphemy on the radio… Stick to the burbs, nigga and keep collecting That’s So Raven royalty checks…

    • OnlyTheReal


    • Jaris Cole

      LMAO @ That’s So Raven royalty checks!

    • Hoek

      this is a prime example of what this pop mainstream hip hop has created, i feel sorry for you bro, the music has made you a retard and this has nothing to do with Hopsin. Whats funny is that shit you are listening to on the radio etc is more likely listened to by white kids in the burbs, why you think they got all those funds, it aint from the black community, but corporations fooled your ass thinking you on some raw gangsta trap shit when in reality you no different from that suburban white boy acting thugged out, fake as fuck.

      • LMAO! Who listens to terrestrial radio anymore? Neither one of us or Hopsin’s goofy ass . Now,just because I don’t like people who exhibit self hatred and are willing to openly talk down to their own culture and race to those who don’t A.) Participate and B.) Give a shit about it, doesn’t mean I listen to fake gangsters who wear fake jewelery and fake beef . Hopsin complains and cries about everything. He’s not competitive and not a force to be reckoned with in business or art (It should be art first, but you know the game.). His idol is Eminem, a person he will never be for a number of reasons but the most important one is that he didn’t create that persona. If he wants more originality and creativity in Hip Hop it should start with him. You know the saying “If you’re not apart of the solution, you’re only apart of the problem”. Follow me @Gamesfdupradio, maybe we can build sometime. Peace,God.

    • Kid Flex

      What’s the difference between making a reference to throat slitting ;and rapping about busting out a niggas brain. I’ve heard some fucked up shit on the mainstream like wanna be thugs talkin bout how they will shoot their own brothers.Rap is fucked and we need people to purify and get rid of the fake fuck shit.

      • Pop culture in general is fucked up. America has always romanticized and glamourized outlaws and assholes. He went the asshole route (Eminem) and it got him nothing but millions of dollars and a mosh pit full of teens to twentysomethings nodding mindlessly to “Sag my Pants”.Why is he complaining? He’s critizing others who write their own version of the success that they have to produce to survive and thrive the same way he has to. I honestly don’t care for none of the shit on the top program director’s radars right now so I along with others have used my spending power to show personal gratitude to those who provide me with my daily soundtracks. I understand it’s very unproductive to rap black on black violence but that’s a subject that we as a community should talk amongst each other and not for Hoppy to run to any outsider (Take that how you will) with a tape recorder and bitch and moan about… This isn’t his first time doing this and soon people will see this is just marketing.

  • Miguel Tejada



    Who is hopsin?

  • Kyle Awon

    says the most corniest nigga ever

  • NodAtsam

    He makes some valid points, but at the end of the day, Hip Hop in general was always about rapping about drugs, money, and sex. Even the positive tracks contained these elements.

  • Je’sus

    Who is this guy?

  • Quintin Way

    The music industry ain’t that deep.. y’all make music for YOUR FANS amusement, leave it at that.

    • Hoek

      the music industry isnt hip hop culture, you are confused, hip hop was created because of how wack the so called music industry was and now corporates have taken it and raped it hard, made it some pop club shit when it was created to be uplifting, positive and tell a story of the struggles. Now we have little white kids all “trapped out” thinking they thugs up in the club, its turned a whole generation of kids in to idiots.

  • Coy7

    He a real nigga

  • Geoff Skead

    “Play a whack song two times and it’s still whack. Play that same whack song 20 more times and it’s a nation wide hit. Mainstream techniques.” Seems like he’s using the mainstreams own methods. The same bullshit rant over and over without acknowledging that there are actual good artists that are being heard right now. The fact he said every artist just proves he’s not paying attention to the uplifting music and only seeing the bullshit people are making. He makes alot of good points but don’t tell me there aren’t good artists with good exposure. that’s a BS lie and we all know it.

  • conflicted21

    How are you bitter because you are speaking the truth on what Hip-Hop is Today…? Some people will just accept anything cause they aren’t smart enough to know that there is better out there. If you were born in the 90’s or later don’t respond. You guys will accept whatever they force feed you…

    • Mark Jackson

      95. but I’m a hip hop sponge. This shit on the radio today is far from it. Hopsin and FUNK volume drops some straight fire

      • Hoek

        Growing up you will start to realise its very very rare for a mainstream MC to be good because the labels make them pop stars not MC’s and they are controlled and dont have the freedom to be original. I much prefer independent/underground artists who can express their creativity and rhyme about other topics besides what Hopsin has mentioned, they are true artists, true musicians.

  • Kid Flex

    He’s right tho

  • Brandon Thompson

    He sounds like a hurt schoolgirl, grow the fuck up, there is no proof of a ghostwriter for Drake you asshole. I lost mad respect for Hopsin just now. Just another rapper that wants to diss Drake cause he makes more money than you and has a bigger fanbase. Stop trying to come up off somebody else’s name you weak mf

    • Mike Donovan

      nigga you are the corny muthafucka he speks of. This why polic treat niggas like they do

      • Brandon Thompson

        What the fuck are you talking about. First off, learn how to spell you stupid faggot, go read a book. Two, police kill blacks for being black, doesn’t matter who you are. Three, you have nothing intellectual to add to this debate so you call me the lameest excuse for an insult that can think “corny”? Really? You represent everything that’s wrong with die hard hopsin fans. Anyway I don’t know why I even typed all this because you probably can’t read most of this words. Have a nice life you fucktard itchy-crotched pussy-faced faggot…

        • Mike Donovan

          typo pussy, Your comment wa intellectual? foh

          • fredmion

            “Your comment wa intellectual” I wouldn’t be talking about typos

  • Wintersoldier7020

    He said some true shit, but all this is getting very high school. Drake is like the winning light skin girl that nobody likes.

  • Aneesh Singh

    I like Hopsin and I agree with some of what he said, but him ranting about it on Twitter is just chilidish and he does sound super butt-hurt that his music isn’t taking off as much as the shitty artists on the radio. Not to mention, he claims he’s the ONLY rapper hitting subjects that make people think? First off, he’s not even that great at speaking about those kinds of topics, not only are there others who also speak on what’s going on in the world, the other rappers do it BETTER. and the God thing, as if it’s so taboo to speak out against God? It’s not that rare anymore, people have wrote harsh books criticizing every religion. And society is becoming more openly atheist nowadays so it’s not a risk to speak out against the idea of God. I agree with his sentiments about Drake and the radio, but he’s just the wrong messenger for it.

  • brandon

    Lmaoooo dude is so biter right now haha…I thought he retired like 2 years ago or some shot anyway? Nobody care about hopsin n his stupid lil gimmick that never worked

  • Empire king

    Niggas make it seem like drake uses ghost writers for every song. You see he wrote the shit that bodied meek though lol

  • 大胆不敵なリーダー

    I think hopsin doesn’t believe he gets the respect he deserves, he does sound a bit bitter, when was his last hit song, who is paying attention to him. If we weren’t in the internet age, would most of us even know who he is?

  • Lyfestyle

    Finally everyday i look to datpiff for news of ONE rapper condemning Drake for his trickery not siding with Meek but acknowledging drakes exposure for what it is > Who better than hopsin dont stop hop we need more like you.Stand for somthing have substance #Q.Miller real MVP

  • KingCunta

    Dis nigga need to hop on this dick and stfu smh, why everyone gotta call out my boo tho smh. I would take those corny ass contacts off and shove my rod in his mouth to shut him up, too bad I ain’t gay tho..

    • Lyfestyle

      Wow r u male or female

      • KingCunta

        What you think faggit? Ther ain’t no bitches in the game fam. Never question me again before I go pop in your holes smh

        • Lyfestyle


        • Lyfestyle

          Mom told me never fight with a gay man

        • Supa Van

          u sound gay …… idiot

  • gary

    Glad he’s gonna continue being corny

  • John Messier Bogey

    Hopsins words are 100% right and anybody that doesnt believe that is one of the dumb asses he is talking about

  • ModerndDayPhilosopher

    “I have no anger towards where my career is. I’m a self made millionaire, own my label and have a beautiful house and Girlfriend.” Why did he capitalize the G in girlfriend? He has no anger but he sounds hella mad though.. This nigga thinks he’s so fucking profound, problem is he is not as good as he thinks he is. He’s not sinister to the mainstream, he’s irrelevant. I’m an Atheist and I still dont feel his shit. He couldn’t touch Kendrick or J.Cole with a ten foot pole, he takes his complaints to twitter to fill the emptiness in his soul, see I got better bars than Hopsin… His metaphors are weak. This is how most songs go: Let me tell you about some shit on my mind, I’m really angry, I beat my dick, Let me tell you about some other shit on my mind, I’m still angry, etc. He thinks we should give him props cause he found God than realized it was all a farse… Nah man, put a spin on it, give it some life don’t just tell me how upset you are about it… Give him props for discussing the truth of religion in hip hop but thats where it stops.

  • CmeonyaTV

    Hopkins has value – that’s true – but to get upset with a “business” named “ENTERTAINMENT” is to get mad at winter for being cold … You knew this already ,,, before Drake was other rappers who filled the same lane

  • Ant

    Speaks the truth and agree 100%, but not a fan.

  • wayne barrow

    he is bitter or he is feeling some type of way he has no sales and he isnt a big rapper he may feel this way but lets be honest he just got a great amount of attention from this rant and im sure he would think he was. not saying he did this for the attention but it had to fly by his mind hopsin isnt included in many peoples list as top 5 right now or even top 10 he may talk about subject that are real but he just does not have that it factor about him his style and flow is judgemetal and preachy and no one wants to listen to that why do hip hop real shit come at drake because he is number one but he said drake dosent write his songs drake has not wroten SOME OF HIS SONGS NOT ALLL and this is not commin from a drake fan but lets BE HONEST WE ALL LOVE DRAKE SONGS EVEN IF WE DONT LIKE HIM hopsin really does not have the greatest credibility to really have that much of a impact on whhat we think Nigga comes at trap music is everyone doin trap music NO. Hopsin sold 17,00 records his first week he isnt the most famous rapper. DID DRAKE REALLY COME INTO THIS GAME WITH GHOST WRITERS THAT IS SO STUPID GO IM SURE DRAKE HAS GHOST WRITERS FOR SOME SONGS BUT NOT EVERY SONG DRAKE IS STILL DRAKE AND WE WILL STILL LOVE HOW HE PERFORMS THE SONG SOMEONE ELSE WROTE FOR HIM BUT HE DOES NOT MAKE EVERYONE WRITE EVERY SONG FOR HIM LETS BE REALISTIC

  • All this BS about Ghostwriters in hip hop is retarded. Personally I wouldn’t do it, but you guy realize theres an entire industry dedicated to writing music for other people right? You think Richard Pryor Wrote all his jokes? You think Beyonce, Rihhanna or other artists don’t have songwriters? We are talking about a whole other profession. SONGWRITING! you think people who write books write the screenplays? or vice versa? NO! some People are performers and other are artists. Some are both. How do you think writer feel when they hear people degrading their profession? these people are SONGWRITERS! NOT GHOSTWRITTERS! have you guys ever read the credits in an album? lmao grow up and educate yourselves seriously.

  • Ftankie Martin

    What’s up with these rappers In they feelin getting on twitter writing about what they don’t like about rap music now and days but if you living good, you got millions of dollars, and you got a fine chick why should you care about what people want to listen to if they want to listen to trap music let them you shouldn’t give 2 fuck about people who don’t even listen to you just make music for the people who do listen to you

  • J ames moore

    Somebody album didnt do good numbers

  • Zero

    Hopsin just pulled a Meek. Twitter fingers strong af. I agree with some of his mainstream sentiments but other rappers are rapping about shit other than money, bitches etc.

    And to those artist (and him), I don’t need them to tell me all the fucked up shit that’s going on in the world (though I still listen to their music (not Hopsin tho). I follow news/media/listen to what goes around the world. I’m educated. I listen to Drake (mainly) because his music is more relatable and that’s all there is to it (same for most of his fans).

  • EddyCutz

    He just said what millions of people are thinking. Yea I DO think he’s bitter, but so are many other people that feel that Hip Hop’s been hi jacked by these corny ass gay Young Thug types. Take the beat away and they ALL sound like they spitting nursery rhymes lol. THEY GARBAGE no matter how many of you fake ass “Hip Hop lovers” say they not. Hip Hop USED TO have REAL bars. Now it’s all wack ass flossin (even when they broke).

  • joey40hanz

    fuck this weak ass corny nigga i hate niggas that be tryna point some shit out like , like they wanna be different so bad and then brag about the shit like nigga …. , you been wack from the jump! every since this nigga tyler the creator was rockn them all black contacts ,this nigga wanna be “so different he wore all white ones and was dissn the boy . “ohhh you original” ! tryna sound like eminem

  • Soxx Mcephe

    trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers ……hopsin is good but guys come on 30 year old , a has been ,who has never been vs the best seller in the game right now ? …. and his pound syndrome(full studio album ) didnt even match half of drake’s mixtape come album sales … GTFOH!!!


    • Kid Flex

      Drake didn’t write the songs…

  • Conner Hunter-Moore

    Hospin is not a mainstream rapper that does not mean he has no skill mainstream is for all the little kids in the new generation whom know nothing about the culture, it is all just brain washed shit thats corrupts the young to go and sell drugs rape and murder because they want the bitches big rims and jewels, its about time someone had the balls to speak the truth and I respect that

  • danboy1386

    Pretty much spot on.

  • James Edmond

    Look how this nigga sound tho. If you doing good and making money, why blast another rapper like a hating ass coward? Just get ya money and shut the fuck up….is what I think

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Dear Hopsin,

    I like some of your music, you have flow and all. I agree that Hip Hop is fucked up, my playlist consist of nothing but mostly 9O’s music. Some of these guy . . . we’ll majority of them make African Americans look bad, nothing but hoes, money, cars (shit they really don’t have) and how every nigga was in the trap. Funny thing is, the drug avenue isn’t adding up correctly if all these muthafuckas was in the trap or sold something. That would mean drugs would be the highest selling thing on this planet, and 86% of people would be on some type of shit. Now, unless Bill Gates or Waren Buffet becomes a rapper, all that money shit isn’t real, all these cars ain’t true. Bill Gates is worth over 7 Billion, don’t see him talking about money at all, just inspiring others to be great and the whole “rags to richest story type deal”. It’s annoying as hell, reading usernames “Shawty Trap Queen 15” or call thier self a “bad bitch” and then posting religious beliefs about Jesus, “Fuck outta here”. These muthafuckas are brain washing, and ain’t really getting paid for it. Also Hopsin, not saying any names, but someone once called out the rapper you called out . . . all I’m saying is, if you going to do so, stick it out and Don’t back down like someone, not saying any name, “just wanna know” that Hip Hop has your “Back to Back”?

  • Bryant Neely

    Everyone says hopsin won’t make the industry. No shit are you stupid? The industry is the poser rappers. Real rap is underground. Not some hit that a girl thinks it’s cool to jiggle her ass too. Real rap puts you in a state of mind and tuned out of the world into the lyrical structure. TECH N9NE didn’t make industry. His first big hit was “Fuck the industry”. Dude is self made and Hopsin will be soon as well. Bitter is a rapper who doesn’t own his own name let alone his car or house. Ludacris spit that wisdom.

  • Je’sus

    I’m not hating but, I guess he wants credibility for being different

  • HipHopFan

    He said play the same wack song over & over its a hit hes tight his album flopped go back to the booth & prove yourself I have to say it flopped in stores & on leak sites couldnt even give it away hahahaaaahahahahhaahahahaa!!

  • Miami_Mayor24

    If Hopsin eyes wasn’t white, no one would give a fuck about him

  • Jamal Johnson

    dudes stay pissed that no one is fukcing with they music, in 2015 if you got a message you can fuck off g, we all turning up , sorry youre possed, the world going to keep spinning my g foh

  • 0ffensiveJack

    In all honesty, i’m glad i get to see this Drake fanboy era. When the grass is cut the snakes will show. Drake showed us how many questionable men we have out here. If you a dude and like drake i’m going to assume you like him the same way a female does because he makes music for bitches. Conclusion YOU A FUCKBOY

    • fredmion

      Don’t worry. You don’t gotta keep you’re feelings for him a secret

  • R.Tyler

    Sad but true.

  • LloydBanksPLKGOAT

    the only people that like hopsin are white