Hopsin And Funk Volume Drop ‘Free Meal’ On Horseshoe Gang

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  • Yung Pooper

    so… where’s that 500k at?????

  • Yung Pooper

    they should have done it over a marlyn manson beat

  • Horseshoe Gang >>>>>

  • Johnny 8Ball

    Hopsin ripped that shit

  • Je’sus

    I liked the dissing but wasn’t hop just preaching about songs that only talk about ” money sex and girls”. Hop won in my opinion, round 2 please

  • OTF

    Lol horseshoe gang got bodied and im sure that was easy for him lol

  • allenwrench

    Come on yall get the facts straight. Same day was the response to free meal. It’s called same day cause they released it the same day. Obviously had it done already too.

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  • Yung Pooper

    headline change:


    • xnoxes

      truth 🙂

    • OTF

      LOL your favorite rapper is probably Young Thug

      • vapaperboi .

        my fav rapper.krayzie bone.nas.jadakiss.dis shit here is 2 wack groups

    • dj202

      I guess it hurts your ears to hear real bars. Its weird to actually understand the shit they’re saying as opposed to that bullshit on the radio. They all got more bars than ya boy waka

      • OG Mart!n Tr!gga ✞✈️

        waka still hype tho! XD

  • Phenom1250

    He could be giving out free meals with that money, but he uses it for doing what he’s known best to do… dissing niggas for no reason.

  • Kingquazy

    Bout time HHE… Thank y’all for making a story out of it too. Respect.

  • smokey

    damn fv need to step they game up

  • Maniac

    Only person who went off in this while battle, was Dizzy Wright.

    • Matthew Lopez

      Agreed I was actually surprised about that too honestly

  • Dakota Merritt

    Hip hop early I’d dumb they did same day the day fv drop Free meal BTW fv took this one

  • HacksawSlimDruggin

    Although this “Free Meal” diss rack was rushed, and is therefore somewhat soft, the Horseshoe Gang still went and ended their career before it even started….

  • EmceeChen

    I mean…neither really had anything to go after the other for. Seemed pretty even to me.

  • Matthew Lopez

    Hopsin is a business man he brought more recognition to both groups regardless if he won or lost however I think he lost even being a fan of funk volume

  • Prime

    L O FUCKIN L. Horse Gang is dope BUT Hopsin and FV bodied niggas