Hip Hop Reacts To The Death Of Yung Mazi

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  • T guest

    None of mfs really give a fucc they just want to be seen saying RIP like any other mf.

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      I noticed

  • Egotistical Quan

    I’m curious what this nigga really did in the street for him to keep getting clapped he robbed the wrong nigga or some. Ain’t that much hate in the world

    • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

      Forreal that’s all I can think about. You really must’ve aggravated someone if they out here trying to clap you at any means necessary no matter how many times they already hit you. They wanted homie out of here that’s for sure.

  • Ftankie Martin

    I reallty didn’t care for his music but rip to him he in a better place now

  • BPRL

    he was shot 100 yards from zone 6…ever think that this was po related?