Hillary Clinton Drops Hov Bars At Rally With Jay Z

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  • TheGameTagerZ

    Here come more last minute celebrity endorsements.

  • Shmoneyboi

    Sold out souls promoting this evil and corrupt devil! lost big respect for cole and chancetherapper, thought they would be real..
    democrats did nothing for the black community all these years and racism is increasing in america! when she gets elected, nothing will change. with trump there is at least a little hope

    • Eli

      the only thing that has been guaranteed after every evaluation of all of trumps policies is a guaranteed $3-6 trillion addition to our debt. Along with that, his domestic policies are a more extreme version of Bush’s, which led us directly into a recession. I’m sure a lot of the shit spewed out of that monsters mouth sounds good to at some peoples ears but once applied to the real world, it has serious consequences that we will all have to deal with. At least with hillary, she won’t actually be able to push an agenda. Id rather stay where we are and hope for the next one to be better. But promise, look up any evaluation of trumps policies and we are looking at much more debt and ticking time bomb that will be another recession

      • Lamar XnoXes

        that information is only from a handful of economists. There are just as many that say Hillary will add 10 trillion. And others that say it is false. We really don’t have a definite answer because it is all speculation. WHAT WE DO KNOW – companies have no reason to stay here and pay high wages to us when they can put plants in different countries and pay significantly less. We complain about losing the jobs but still buy the product. And complain if the product goes up in price.

    • YKokoM

      You really thought that cole and chance would support openly a racist? You must be a fool to be black and support trump….

      • Shmoneyboi

        I didn’t say they should support him, but at least support nobody, especially not a criminal. You must be a fool to believe Trump is a racist. Go inform yourself without looking cnn or all the other biased media. If you try to fight the establishment, you will be (falsely) accused with everything!

        • YKokoM

          I informed myself by his own words and tweets…..

          • Lamar XnoXes

            trump has more black friends than hillary

  • Bustadimes

    Fuck that crooked cunt

  • Astronaut

    (kinda long) I voted for Bernie and believe street rules should go into effect against Hillary for cheating. Honestly i wouldnt even vote if everyone had the privilege but since I do im not going to waste the privilege. Imo both Trump and Clinton has made some valid points (ignoring scandals and allegations) that America at this point is going in the wrong direction. (vets. Tax. Population. Natural resources and racial equality) all need revision. Me being the environmentalist i am it surprises me how our landfills are over crowded and plastic is consuming the animals and oceans and i hear no one talking bout changing the process on how we get rid of waste. I mean lets not forget that the EPA (the ones who come up with equations to determine whats safe and unsafe to the world) caused a mine to spill and turned it oroange and werent held accountable. All in all. I have no candidate to vote for and will likely pick someone who is irrelevant out of personal reasons.

  • Spookeysmoker

    On the next love and hip hop Cleveland

  • They all part of that ill gang anyway! frfr …. whats next Hillary gonna be throwing up that Diamond, she already part of that click!

  • tommyfilmore47

    Devils. Both of em.

  • hillary’s team told her, well you already did the whip and the nae nae, you went on bet and the breakfast club, now all you need to do is quote jay-z and you’ve got the black vote. don’t talk about anything important, just dance and rap.

    breh I swear the way they fake try to appeal to black people is annoying as hell.

    • Justfortheupvote

      I made an account just to upvote this

    • Kingquazy

      I’ll give you the upvote because hell yeah it’s annoying sometimes. Obvious pandering.

      That being said, I don’t think it’s necessarily a matter of appealing with her. I think it’s a last minute effort to encourage some actual turnout. I guarantee there are hundreds of thousands of people who registered to vote just because Obama was running, that aren’t gonna vote this year period, much less vote Dem.

      • yea you right man she def tryna get some turn out, she know black people ain’t really feelin her like that either. with good reason too

    • Drake Jr.


  • Daniel King

    I dont trust or believe anything Clinton or trump say both twisted fuckers i am from the uk but i full on know whoever gets in are going to cause all kind of shit same shit over here they feed u bull shit once there in its screw you over all for dem self not 4 anyone else im not beleving anything these 2 are saying period none of dem would get my vote

  • Kajus Killuminati

    jay z, beyonce, clintons, podesta and All the other satanist pupets should Be locked away for the crimes they comited, child raping, baby murdering drinking blood rituals.. How can You fall so low? For power from the devil.. It’s very sad how souless they All are. Fuck You jay z Your the most sucessfull rapper sellout money skank egocentered lying 6 face bitch and got an army of brainwashed zombies, congratulations fagot, everything stays in the akashik records, Your karma level is unbelievable sun, fuck illuminati, fuck satanist, fuck luciferians, Your All gona Be remembered as the sickest most discusting and evil parasites, so far from a larva. Your soul is sold for nothing. Love conquers All as above so below.

    • Joshua Herndon

      Crazy thing is people still think its all just a conspiracy… Pac been talking about how they tried 2 get him to join illuminati… soon as he started working on his killuminati album… he died

      • Kingquazy

        “WRONG” *in my Donald Trump voice.

        Tupac Shakur actually was “in”, and died when he started running his mouth. That’s what happens to traitors.

        You don’t just walk out of prison because you signed a record deal. Especially not after only 8 months of an Class A Felony sentence 😉

        • Joshua Herndon

          You do when you made it

    • BrodieThaGod

      The giant worldwide pedophile ring among the elite has damn near been proven to exist but anytime information comes out on it people start dying and the general public is oblivious. I can’t say for sure exactly what kinda shit the world elite are into but I know it’s some other type of shit and that we as a world and race are all fucked. And if you try telling people this they call you crazy and say shit can’t be proven smh

  • Ruslan

    Jay-Z: “It’s politics as usual”

    • Kingquazy

      Best comment on this raggedy ass thread.

  • preciate that my G

  • 954Mayor

    Illuminatti scum

  • Anthony

    Hopefully none of y’all are getting your world view from Hollywood and least of all Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. They’ll lead you off a cliff.

  • Kingquazy

    Hillary or else, bitches!