High School Student Arrested Because Of Eminem Lyrics

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  • Sean Maxwell

    Leave people alone… stay in your own lane. Period.

  • What song is that I dont listen to that type of rap because im not a suburban white kid who wants to be a badass

    • DeezNutz

      Im back- eminem

    • just a thought

      yeah your a nerd who likes dragon ball z

      • *you’re and liking a great show makes me a nerd? Nah nigga im just well rounded in television choices bitch

        • MuniMic

          Nah, you’re just a poor city boy who poses as a nerd…

          • “City boy” take ur trailer park billy bob ass tf outta here lol And who the fuck says poses anymore?

        • LiquidSwords

          SMH at people comin at you for somethin you enjoy and I assume you grew up with. Cause I grew up with it too, and I still enjoy it. It’s entertaining as hell still. Only people who try to talk shit about it are them people who think they too cool to enjoy anything from their childhood as an adult. Immaturity at it’s finest if you ask me. The show, other than the BS that’s on regular TV and heavily edited isn’t for kids at all. There’s some brutal and very dark shit in the entire franchise. Yet I’m sure people who hate watch all the wack ass TV shows on nowadays and think they’re badass thugs. Despite what they’re watching being wack as fuck. People have no fuckin culture, smh.

          • CLOVER•

            Mk ultra

    • dbo

      Congratulations, do you want a fucking cookie?

    • Paul

      You listen to Drake you soft ass bitch.

  • Ciaran Walshe

    they’re lyrics from a couple of different songs

  • John Best

    I think the guns, and the other guns, are what got him arrested.

    • LiquidSwords

      Facts. If all them guns wasn’t found the lyrics alone wouldn’t have gotten his crazy ass arrested.

  • sosarozay300

    lol whenever people do dumb shit on social networks they claim they were hacked

  • SMH

  • Yung Pooper

    good. fuckin idiot

  • Conner Hunter-Moore

    Fucking retarted world you can’t post someone’s lyrics on social media without it being considered a terrorist threat its all just made up shit to make the public give up all their rights because they are so scared of the so called terrorists if its such a problem then send some fucking troops to the middle east and get that shit doubt with but no lets scare the public instead of taking the fight to them

  • Who gives a shit there fucking lyrics jesus I would hate to live in America if people are that scared over a school shooting

    • mondillinger

      There are so many fucking things wrong with this comment, but I’m let you have that though.

  • KingCunta

    So you gotta say you ain’t been bullied to defend your self from being a shooting suspect? So bullied kids are more likely to be profiled? Thafuck?!?? Some bitch needs some rough sodimiting for dis logic FOH

  • Je’sus

    Lol this kid worse than rappers snitching on himself

  • Beezy15

    Cant blame this on the lyrics, they found not 1 not 2 but several guns in this kid’s house. If i would have seen the post and seem the guns i would be suspicious too


    I have three sons best believe that bullying shit wont fly-