Here’s What Kind Of Bank Lil Uzi Vert Has Made On ‘XO Tour Llif3’

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  • Astronaut

    Labels taking all the dough

  • Chicagoan

    900k and label gets 3.5m? This is where “independent” is where it’s at. Better deal he’d of clocked at least half (1.75m) or all alone and 3 of that, easy. Look like he got “360’d” on his deal with them numbers

    • GucciKid

      we don’t know what his advance was

      • Chicagoan

        My point exactly… An “advance” aint shit but a loan. That shit makes my point even more

    • Myleage

      if he was independent, it may not have streamed 1.9 billion times. it’s a tradeoff fam

      • Chicagoan

        Fuck the tradeoff when it’s less than half the bag! Probably jumped on the first offer they made.

        • Myleage

          true true

    • Throw dem Paws den

      You don’t cut that label check u gotta cut a diff check to get that work they did done yaself. Promotion, contacting ar’s contacting radio stations, legal legwork, scheduling, managing, distro, media, press, events, wardrobe , videos, travel, other random expenses. That list is forever long….jumping into an already established well oiled machine ain’t that bad. Especially if u not tryna do all that work yaself and obviously Uzi ain’t so..

      • Chicagoan

        Shut yo tyga likin ass the fuck up, responding to me like I didnt treat yo punk ass like the little bitch you are a few months ago… Go somewhere lil bitch

  • SlimJuve25

    so it’s okay when major labels do it but when birdman does it everyone want to crucify him smh

    • kushxchevys

      Stop it dnt compare this what that

      • SlimJuve25

        cmon bruh you’re one hardcore lil wayne fan boy, you can’t cry blame shit talk another person if you’re equal to blame, wayne signed the deal end of story, if wayne had said birdman kept giving him all the drug he wanted then made him sign random paper he had no idea he was signing i would be with you on this but he didn’t so it’s the same shit different toilet bruh. . . no joke if wayne had used that in court he would have a better chance at winning the case

        • kushxchevys

          Yeah different level of disrespect tho wayne was his person not jst an artist signed to him as well as juviebmanny bg all hot boys so yeah not really comparable imo

        • Throw dem Paws den

          They were fam. They came out crabs smelling like the same barrel and u talking like it’s just business…Atlantic didn’t grow and come up with Uzi. Didn’t do dirt wit Uzi. Dnt know Uzi kin. How is this a valid point? Uzi dnt call Atlantic his dad :l .

    • Skeazaleo The Don

      realest shit ever slim…upvote

    • 100squad

      Dam, that English tho.. I think u got comment of the week with that 1..but 2 answer the question neither is right

  • smith jones

    They aint wanna listen to the old heads

  • Someguy123

    Doesn’t show the tour costs, overhead, gas, lodging, food. None of the expenses.

  • Jesse Mccree

    This nigga gettin robbed by his label

  • Jodeci Cashmoney Parker

    Congrats to this lil weird mf salute.