Gucci Mane’s New Artist Ralo Blasts Jeezy As A Fake

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  • Food4Thought

    Real Nigga?? Fake Nigga?? Over time the term “real nigga” has changed more than players in free agency..A real nigga today would not be classified as one 20 years ago and so on

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      -fake nigga

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        Food4thought actually had a really good comment above^^^ but I can’t lie you made me LOL with that reply….Simple yet

  • You mad huh?

    The real reason is that Gucci don’t rock with jeezy and ralo being signed to Gucci makes him obligated to say that.

    • AmazingLilBastard

      Not for real he just reaching, Gucci done had plenty other artist that didnt go that route. Waka fought Slick Pulla and still didnt speak on Jeezy

    • SlimJuve25

      not really cause he would have went for waka 1st not jeezy something else had to happen

  • Spookeysmoker

    I think jeezy a fraud yo but if I was signed to Gucci I wouldn’t of even went st jeezy at the end of the day that’s gen niggas beef and ralo I don’t like jeezy but you ain’t on his level your voice and bars suck

    • Tunechi!

      Nigga sound like a high pitch thugger

  • Samisback

    this nigga about to start some more shit between Gucci and and Jeezy running his mouth, keep your mouth closed and be happy Gucci signed you.

  • TruthBTold

    Jeezy has real credit and was really bout that dope game…BMF was a real situation…he even had his own chapter in the BMF book that was written and co produced by Big Meech himself…call Jeezy whatever u want…he really was bout that dope game…and was the very few to get out of it and so something else…pays his dues and respects Meech and his fam still…Only so much u can do for folks in prison and so forth but put money on bond and make sure family is str8…call him what u want but cant call him fake he really lived that life…not saying Gucci didnt either just think this Ralo diss is just kuz he didnt get signed with Jeezy and Gucci gave him an offer…so now its fuck Jeezy…

    • Spookeysmoker

      Just because he sold a lot of dope don’t mean he fake like when niggas be rats soon as they get money niggas forget I wouldn’t jump ship I’d rather drown and Meexh shouts a lot of people out lol so please save that one

    • AmazingLilBastard

      Meech already put it out there that Jeezy wasnt hands on with the dope, he was a BMF poster boy

    • ike donovan

      i really cannot understand how yall as men get so deep and defend other men and actually act like you knw just off articles. when will real men come back. this is the shit of bitches

    • SlimJuve25

      “pays his dues and respects Meech and his fam still” lmao meech an bleu daVinci already came out an said jeezy turn his back on them when they went down an bleu when he came out, just like @AmazingLilBastard:disqus said jeezy might have been in the dope game but it had nothing to do with bmf, bmf paid jeezy to perform when they host a party thats all, just from what he did to bmf people who back him an pushed him name i call him fake, real people don’t do that shit an his excuse he didn’t want to go down with them, also i think ralo diss on jeezy has nothing to do with gucci, ralo probaly went to link up with jeezy an jeezy wanted no part of it, from the point above jeezy didn’t want to talk and or wouldn’t even listen to his voicemail feeling salty this is what came of it

  • Stone Cold

    “He ain’t want to sign nobody, and I ain’t want to sign with nobody…so that shit just combined up” this retarded little motherfucker man. So they literally did exactly what they DIDN’T want to do? This little short bus Davie Crockett head ass motherfucker.

  • Youngflaco

    A “Real Nigga” wouldnt feel the need to diss another nigga just because a nigga he just started fucking with doesnt fuck with him.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Not my first time hearing Jeezy’s a fraud but why ignite this beef again???