Gucci Mane Won’t Freestyle For Free

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  • ChiTownT

    Gucci done started something

  • bushay914nyc

    He shouldnt rhyme at all trash bars

    • SlimJuve25

      well all them bars you nyc niggas think you have ain’t getting ya’ll no where so it is what it is, lmao nice bars an give them away for free sound about right, no wonder your biggest artist up there is a female

  • Mike Donovan

    as he should once again letting these boyz know ATL runs this game and your little bullshit about spitting some bars will only be tolerated when they want to. it doesnt mean he not hip hop it measn atl run shit and 9-s is gone. thankfully. lames will bring up his lyrics and h or how he talks as a shot but he is the realist in game. a non duck in his own lane

  • thatsjas2 .

    gucci the godfather of mumble rap…this aint no surprise!

  • #JamesEarlStoned

    Clone Gucci doesnt want to freestyle, hmmm lol

  • BenBlazon

    Ok wack ass, he clearly can’t freestyle. Dude can bearly drop 12 on a track without sounding goofy and repetitive.

  • Cuban Pete

    So, 99cents for a 3 minute single or 50k for 12 bars? Hmmm.
    Maths isnt his strong point lol

  • santoblanco

    I do respect Gucci Mane for his hustle and for his trap music, but charging for a freestyle is wack as f. It’s part of being a rap entertainer dropping some lines on the radio or somewhere else and it is a promotion for yourself. You ain’t that big Gucci, you ain’t no Jay-Z or Kanye, and never will be.

  • MarxSound Audio Services

    I don’t think there is many people disappointed about this decision!