Gucci Mane Isn’t Getting Out Of Prison On July 11

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  • Travon Taylor

    Free Gucci

    • YungShoota

      nigga u prolly is white af smh u fuckin fagget ass whiteboy. real niggas fuck with gucci.

      • Travon Taylor

        Fuck you bitch ass nigga make sure u know who u talking to ain’t no nigga white over here internet gangsta

  • lando

    Gucci sucks!!!!

  • ScottyBeen1000


  • YungShoota

    smh fagget ass police always tryn to fuck with my nigga guwop tho keep that nigga lock up because they aint tryn to see no niggas make it in this world


    • ECUPIRATES2000

      damn bruh you’re every where. Get a life. LMAO

  • feetonthaground

    Real niggas fuck with Gucci???? Real niggas fuck with school. Real niggas fuck with getting out the street cause its too many fuck boys in em now. Real niggas fuck with others pushing a real agenda forward like how to stop being just another nigga and be a black man. Real niggas know niggas like you ain’t about shit but perpetuating a stereotype. Yes nigga I used to be a real nigga banging slang in shooting and all that till some real niggas got a hold of my ear. Your og`s need to sit your ignorant ass down and teach you about what’s really real out here in the battlefield

  • MostHvtedd Kevin

    It’s still free Gucci

  • andre

    Hey dat boy still be on that mixtape shit,it seems like one comes out every other month,Jail can’t stop his hustle #Dre Dayy23 #Free Guwop