Gucci Mane Drops ‘First Day Outta Tha Feds’

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  • Chill Life

    It can’t be hiphop early when they get old news from worldstar hiphop

  • Real Talk

    Our community should stop glorifying thugs and criminals

    • Quis

      Fr idk why ppl praise them

    • Agreed. This is very toxic to the community.

      • Real Talk

        Asian community already overtaken US

    • Hui Chen

      so say you take away the thugs and the criminals
      whats left
      living in a country with 280 million people who act like they don’t know you
      its a matter of choices

      • Cynthia258

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    • Og GreenThumbs

      Gucci be giving back to the community

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      this is true honestly…In my opinion, this is entertainment, but I’m 29 years old. Unfortunately to the kids seeing stuff like this, it’s real life. This is what they are looking up to, so yeah I feel you. Very toxic and detrimental my nigga

  • the warm up

  • #Worklife

    Blue Jay Fitted, lol everybody rockin with the 6

    • Carlos Hinton

      It’s definitely a Baltimore Ravens hat…

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