Gucci Mane Catches Break With Probation

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  • Melo

    That’s some fishy shit or some real lucky shit. Doesn’t make any sense. Only had to do a third of the probation sentence, stemming from a weapons possession, and he’s a convicted felon?

    • Luca Brasi

      having money is a hell of a thing.

      • Melo

        But he’s still a nigga.

        • DonCDaCapo

          Nd so was O.J lol

    • jose manzo

      Probably made a hefty contribution to the courts

      • Melo

        True indeed.

    • kushxchevys

      It could happend ive seen shit happen court that would make one think somebody a snitch but sometimes they show love.

      Judge; DA, they humans too they look at us behind the bench and judge us by the way we look dress or anythimg and make decisions.prolly seen gucci go from a 300lb beer belly ass junkie to thus clone gucci lol

  • HotlineQueef

    he either will self destruct and die or have a wonderful nig nog life

  • Chicagoan

    If bitch ass TI can walk away from a spicy 10 piece in the feds after 1 year “without snitching”, anybody wit bread can. Some mfs hire lawyers, some mfs hire magicians, you’re free to choose

    • kushxchevys

      Lol hire magicians

    • I’d hire penn and teller