‘Glory’ Lil Wayne

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  • sugga T

    Lil Wayne kisses men

    • vapaperboi .

      u like the track or not

    • And you won’t get off dick

  • William Lemon

    Shit fire

  • RhanceTheClapper

    God damn! Now this shit is fire

  • Max

    super firee!!!!

  • cadocruse


  • pezzy


  • Leef Buck
  • finnball rollin

    Salute woe

  • ImmoveableForce

    Im bout to post a conspiracy theory here. Lil wayne was rapping garbage for a while because he wanted cash money to drop him.

    • SlimJuve25

      Seems like he still is. . . . this track garbage, if the beat suck don’t really matter what he is saying, not going to lie barter 6 was fire. Don’t get me wrong that gay shit he be talking I’m not with that. Its the beats every one fire an they were Lil Wayne type of beats he be putting on his albums, birdman never hooked up Wayne whole album like this tho, I’m starting to think carter 5 is trash, a lot of people was hating on birdman cause he didn’t release it, better thank him save you the trouble of complaining about it cause you bought it

      • ImmoveableForce

        Im not one to say your opinion is wrong. But it is .

  • nastynate56

    This was the best song in a long time….didn’t even hear him say anything about eating pussy…that free weezy could be flames

  • marco Velazquez

    Dat shits a banger

  • marco Velazquez

    Holy shit im gods manuer

  • FakeAzzGuestAccount

    They had to get this hoe off of the site lol that hoe was too fire…