Gilbert Arenas Savagely Exposes Mia Khalifa

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  • Je’sus

    No chill Gil

  • Keith Shaun

    this shyt too funny… these hoes somethin else lol

  • SwagSauce

    That’s good, she deserved it. Then she tried to play victim LOOL. Way overrated porn chick btw. Give me Anya Ivy, or Noemilk any day of the week over her.

    • Gr8ness

      Yeah I don’t know how the hell shes been gassed up so much. I mean besides the perfect tits there’s nothing special about her and she fucks like a dead fish.

      • SwagSauce

        Her tits are faker than mall kiosk chains. Look at that wide gap in the middle, you could drive a semi between em.

        • 100squad

          Yea but even if we could why waste the gas?
          Shit high enough already, Jus Keep it no chil Gil on her & save that trip tooo haha

      • Je’sus

        Once drake tried she was hyped

    • 100squad

      Also thank you for the recommendations, nothing wrong with looking at good Art from time to time..

      • SwagSauce

        Hey bro no prob fam. I could hit you off with a quick 10 while we at it.
        1. Anya Ivy
        2. Noemilk
        3. Adrian Maya
        4. Kendall Woods
        5. Adrian Maya
        6. Gianna Michaels
        7. Lia Lor
        8. Diana Devoe
        9. Alex Tanner
        10. Misty Stone

        • Frank White

          really nigga…I just quit and now I have to go lookup Lia Lor to see who she is cuz she sound sexy, and while I’m at it I might as well check on Adrian Maya to see how she been doin, and might as well have a tbt with Gianna Michaels…FUCK…this the last time I swear…

          • SwagSauce

            Serena Ali, Layton Benton, Julie Kay. Catalina Taylor, and of course Skin Diamond.

          • GetThatDoughBoy

            you’re pathetic. WAnker.

        • Slappy 2 Scoops

          List is trash. Can’t even take a list seriously if it doesn’t include Jada fire, who looks even better since retiring and no bitch alive fucks harder than Ava Devine.

          • SwagSauce

            Far from trash fam, but I respect your picks as well. Ava Devine is mad nasty with hers, Jada Fire is an all timer, too. Just didn’t come to mind as I was just throwin out some of my faves. Forgot about Carmen Hayes, and Serena Ali too. Layton Benton too.

          • GetThatDoughBoy

            Shut up desperate virgin.

        • GetThatDoughBoy

          Get a life, nobody gives a shit, wanker.

        • Food4Thought

          I’m loving the diversity of this list.Throw in Jada Stevens and Kitty Catherine and we’re set.Niggas be having a pornstar rolodex in their brain lol

  • qgreen100 .

    she ugly tho

  • Supreme Trunks

    Gilbert Arenas is my hero. He gave shawty the curve of the year with a good joke to add. If he was in the comment section I would’ve gave him an upvote

  • LR

    dead at bad knees gil

  • frankwhitedc

    Yet another bitch I don’t get what y’all see in , this bitch can’t even get my attention on xvideos and she be butt naked wit 2 dicks in her , next !!!!!

  • Millssoleany

    If Gilbert arenas is your hero…damn.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    This makes her so unattractive

  • Evee

    This is a publicity stunt to promote their new show