Gilbert Arenas & Mia Khalifa Trolled Everyone

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  • Ben Blazon

    Damn, I had a feeling they were trolling last night, I just wasn’t logged in.. fuck. I’ll give myself an L for even wanting Mia to get curved that badd.
    And fuck you Gilbert, u were almost a hero for ur efforts.

  • Mec-One

    Nobody checking for them like that …….. I bet the comments gonna be lit tho’

  • SkidRow

    I dunno why I even read this man

  • King T’Challa

    Fuck is this Blacked for sports lmao

    • Rich blackman

      Damn you are the real mvp. I live blacked

  • Skeazaleo The Don

    Is it just me? Of have these strippers and pornstars really been bossin up lately….#makinmoves

  • Millssoleany

    Damn just when I gained a little respect for him. Dude sold his soul for talk show with a hoe. And she’s not even fly.