Ghostface Killah Rejects Action Bronson’s Apology In No Uncertain Terms

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  • TaTa_U

    We don’t always have to accept a persons insincere apology after the fact.

  • Anthony Monaco

    Keep his name in the blogs? Everyone know who Ghost is!! I think he genuinely enraged the O.G.! Hes standing 10 toes down on this one and i cant blame the old god!!. Actions whole swag from flow and all is all vintage Ghost. He shoulda payed omage instead of keepin his head in the clouds and being disrepectful. Like i said he owes his whole style to Ghostdini the great!!

    • Enrique Zamudio

      He doesn’t own anything to ghost just because he sounds like him doesn’t mean shit

      • Jay Free

        Some of these cats don’t even listen to Action’s music. they are completely different. From flow all the way to subject matter, literally the only similarity is their voice.

  • Kingquazy

    Do people not fucking realize that the people interviewing Action Bronson brought this fucking dinosaur’s name up? I grew up on Wu, Enter the 36 is IMO the best rap album of all time… But Ghost don’t got it like that. Never has, never will. Neither does Bronson, don’t get me wrong. But fuck Ghostface Killah and his Social Security check.

  • Zero

    I don’t know much about Ghost or Action but Ghost hasn’t put out much of shit these past few yrs. Soooo he’s made he got called out? Release some shit… “Action” talk louder than words.

    • Kingquazy

      He did just release something on the 10th or some shit lololol That’s the point. Nobody rocking with him lolololol

      • Zero

        That generation of music has almost faded out by now. Niggas are looking more at the sound (beat, ryhthm, bass, is it catchy etc) of music nowadays. New gen of ppl listen to a new gen of music…in which Ghost (whole Wu Tang really) music doesn’t click now.

        • Kingquazy


          • Cuban Pete

            Thats not a good thing lol

  • Samisback

    I’m a fan of ghost but he’s acting like a baby now..dude apologized, forgive him and move on with it isn’t that deep.

  • Kingquazy

    And let’s get one thing clear… He(Ghost) dropped an album less than 2 weeks ago and it fucking flopped. Bronson was wrong in saying his ass “needs SOMETHING”??? He does!!! He needs help being relevant again. That’s a fact! Ghost is just mad he flopped smhhhhhh

    • Audley Hall

      A lot of good music is flopping because the radio don’t be on they dick like they once were. I don’t rate shit cos its on the radio or every lil kids playlist. Thats a dickrider not a music lover.

      • Kingquazy

        Ghostface ain’t never been on the radio man lolololololol