Geraldo Rivera Claps Back At Kendrick Lamar Over ‘DAMN.’

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  • Ye’

    Can we mention drake and Kendrick separately ever

    • Frank Reynolds

      embarrassing that it happens

    • lyric _

      oms. i fw Drake and all but damn this site really on dudes nuts

    • Young Flacko

      Even in other articles, when people are discussing any of kendrick’s projects, somebody forever bringing up Drake or vice versa. Shits mad annoying

  • Frank Reynolds

    can he really ‘clapped back’

  • Alex Delarge

    Kendrick said nothing with many words, as usual.

    • black adam

      They have this thing called grammar.

  • Spookeysmoker

    Geraldo a clown man

  • SlimJuve25

    kind of funny these people over at fox shit talk black people all day an soon as a black person say something about them it an outrage an want to ruin their career or shut them down, on the police thing they don’t protect anything all they do is mass incarcerate black people to get more tax money to put in their pocket it’s a business, when did they start grouping black and latinos together they don’t even like us george lopaz already told us that but it no suprise tho them WSHH video show they be shooting them down like us but somehow they okay with it or really can’t say much in fear of being deported soon they will figure out who the problem really is, fox been kind of tame since bill oreilly lost all the sponsors but when they get them back they will go back to the bullshit

    • yolkipalki69

      they have black people talking shit about black people on fox……. u dumb as fuck

  • Daniel King

    Don’t even put drake name in same league as Kendrick not his league drake is just an over rated rnb singer Kendrick is sick period and way better than that walk trash drake

  • Youngflaco

    Hip Hop music didnt start this “Us against them Mentality” the Police started it. Its not just white cops against Black citizens in the hood its the whole mentality of the Police force White and Black that treats everyone in the hood as if your automatically a criminal.

    • burk

      Exactly! Nothing been the same since Selma.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Bullshit these officers dgaf about us so fuck them pigs

  • yolkipalki69

    they say officers dont give a fuck about them meanwhile those same people pushing dope and poisoning our community. Take money they make from destroying lives and flaunt it like an accomplishment. lmao…… only dumb people who dont know better buy into that…… Ye many times cops are wrong and doing wild shit to people, been a victim also….. Rather going to get an educations and do something with your life , ya on the corner doing dumb shit and complain when ya pressed….. you do the crime , you will pay your time……. there is always a choice, no one to blame if you choose the wrong one………… ya on some bird mentality.