The Game & Waka Flocka Are Taking Shots At Each Other On IG

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  • HotlineQueef

    i didnt see any diss you fist fucking faggots

  • ChiCity300

    Game once again show his clowness

    • NYCityKid


  • MrMc Clay

    Just try to make money anyway they can

  • zzzz

    is there anyone in the game that the game doesnt have beef with? dudes more of a catty bitch than most females

    • Supreme Trunks

      lil bow wow

  • Astronaut

    I hate when you mention a valid point in an arguement/discussion and they bring up some irrelevant shiit. Im talking about the BLM and stunting on the web and somehow my Ex gets brought in the discussion and have herpes. Whats that have to do with anything.? Bra on that female shiit. (Disrespect level 6/10)

    • John Doe

      thats what people who have no valid point or any valid arguement on a subject they bring up other shit.. im all for all lives matter.. black lives matter only when whites kill em.. especially to blm.. they only riot when its white on black. not black on black so the cause to me is total bullshit.

      • Astronaut

        I normally dont even. Interact when people talk about the subject but if BLM is BS then ALM is BS. But BLM isnt white on black at all just how the media paints it. Really Badges vs Blacks. And fuck the All Lives Matter bs. People only say that in response to BLM basically saying i dont support your movement. Then normally a stereotypical comment comes next or were all human shiit. But im not trying get into it. Ima bystander at the moment. MLK wouldnt have been as successful without a Malcolm X in my opinion. Positivity alone aint solving shiit. Neither is Killing innocent cops. But again. Fuckery is fuckery. The world wont understand until they get they ass beat over a seatbelt or throwing an apple out the window (me) fyi i get searched EVERY time i get pulled over.

        • Supreme Trunks

          Every black movement gets opposition even if the point is valid.

          • Astronaut


      • here is this bullshit argument. there are tons of anti-violence rallies and city council meetings in black neighborhoods. but mentioning that wouldn’t fit the covert racist narrative that conservatives are used to spinning to deflect from the point.

        they riot when police who are supposed to stop crimes commit crimes. mainly murdering black people on camera with no justification.

        black people don’t riot when a black person is killed by a white person. that’s just a bullshit deflecting argument.

    • Mars

      Thats like a fukboy’s hoe to move. It’s called deflection. Next up he’ll start bragging about his cars and money.

      Media is funny, they know who to “choose” when promoting some agenda.

      • Astronaut

        Understand you clear as day

  • Keifus~

    Fuck game

  • DAMIAN Duarte

    The game feeling a lil sentimental

  • Ray Mundo

    Game makes it hard to honestly support the shit he be on…too much attention whoring. He belong on the housewives of LA

  • BrodieThaGod

    He don want it with Flocka

  • Drake Jr.

    Niggas dont understand Flocka really was this man Guccis hitter niggas keep playing with him…and he ended up being the bigger man in the situation? L for the game cuhz

  • Mec-One

    Game Jamaican now!

  • A Jay

    This might get violent vibe Lol

  • Ascendence

    looking at game acting like hes some rastafari supremacist, makes me cringe, how old is he? 45? why is he acting so tough, he could have talked normal like waka did

    • Spookeysmoker

      Most niggas who act all tough usually are pussi if a nigga scream all day I can’t take him as no gangsta never met a nigha that really put work in that’s loud annoying and bitchy af

  • Just Los


  • Spookeysmoker

    Can’t say shit without anyone bitching or thinking it’s about them nighas and bitches in 2016 all on hoe ass never had a daddy to teach me composure shit

  • Chicagoan

    Glad somebody checked that hoe ass nigga on some female shit all day yet try to get tough when mfs aint even mention his name! Game 1 of the biggest frauds in the whole industry, cryin in interviews about the state of hip hop smfh. Str8 up bitch nigga

  • Olando Jenkins

    I think Waka got scared

    • B_Low

      NO ONE on the face of the earth is afraid of game

  • ilikemusic.

    Bitch move Jayceon…..Bitch move.

  • lennox buckles

    Hahahaha. Game g’d up. Dont give no fux. Niggas b mad


    Waka wanna throw stones and hide his hand, bitch nigga

    • Mars

      Lemme throw this L and hide my hand.


        Extra corny

        • Mars

          you rignt

  • Captain south America

    He said I’m ABOUT to make a son lmao

  • Mars

    If the shoe fits…

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