The Game Threatens To Do Violent Things To Young Thug

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  • Dwight Linder

    Young thug better be easy

    • DeAndre

      Real talk The Game never took an L yet lls

      • John E. Graves

        Game been knocked out by several real piru’s…blammed on and everything…he done took l’s too….but thugga not like the Damu’s in cali but in Atlanta game might get served though

        • NYCityKid

          Facts about that Atlanta shit, he could definitely catch ah hot one.

        • DontLetWorldstarGetUF’dUp!! .

          Idk about that atl shit but anybody can get popped ANYWHERE

        • What!!

          Stfu because you know right? Foh

        • DeAndre

          I remember this one guy caught Game slippin while shopping wit his daughter I do believe the homie got bodied lol

      • Dwight Linder

        Word up game be fucking up these fake punk rappers 40glocc felt the punishment when he got caught slippen don’t slip nigga

      • JudahVoorhees

        Gcount from the Chi sat his ass down..period …google it

        • Stoner

          False. T.I. squashed the beef after G Count dissed Game, google that.

        • What!!

          You win some you lose some. Is he supposed to be undefeated to speakon some shit? You niggas speak without a point

        • DeAndre

          Real talk G Count must be plugged in.

      • Jonny 2 Gnar

        The Game lost a $5000 rap battle here in Cincinnati against a dude named Showtime… 5k! they played it all over the radio for months… back in like 2007 lol

        • DeAndre

          Hmm where can I find the footage or MP3?

  • gØØη™

    Lmaoooooo finally

  • NuneeLohc HTH

    Niggaz who from Cali don’t Fk wit Game. Only out of state niggaz take him serious and listen to his music. This niggaz always doing publicity stunts for attention. Thats beef between two grown men, wtf he doing in it. He suppose be from a real Compton hood, why don’t he spend that time, energy, resources, and heart against his real enemies n ride 4 his dead homies. The nigga is fraud!

    • Robert Mata

      You sound stupid boy, stfu

      • NuneeLohc HTH

        U must be a outta town fan. Niggaz in L.A already kno about this nigga. He got too many dead homies he could be ridingfor but yet he’s in sum shit between two homosexuals lol

        • Stoner

          What LA rappers don’t mess with Game? He good with everybody from Snoop to Top Dawg. Your theory is flawed.

          • NuneeLohc HTH

            Im talking about the streets. Mexicans out here prolly fk wit him but niggaz who really out in these streets don’t rocc wit him. He too commercial and with the antics. We don’t respect that. If u gangbang u no not to publicize ur shit, the streets gon speak 4 u

          • DontLetWorldstarGetUF’dUp!! .

            That’s on Hardtyme

          • DontLetWorldstarGetUF’dUp!! .

            Nobody fuccs with game fool! It’s just business so you’re fraud

  • gas pacc

    Y game always n other niggas beef smh

  • Mike Donovan

    THIS NIGGA IS SOOOOOO CORNY!!! Can this niga concentrate on making good music. Krab ass niggas got a problem with yung thug but cant make an album to save his life, Rap is so corny in 2015. Shit is like 1980s rock. Contrived and cliche as fuck

    • BKLOC

      Fucc that dead rag

      • DontLetWorldstarGetUF’dUp!! .

        Tell EM this slob killa!! M.o.b K at the end! Tampon as niccas!!

        • Darius Berry

          Aha stfu

        • Mike Donovan

          Fuck you ol duck ass order taking ass nigga

    • leroy

      Man shut the fuck u fuck boy probably one of yung thugs bitches yall some gay ass niggas

      • Mike Donovan

        You are a ppussy ass nigga on the chatty patty shit. Ho ass niggas

    • Darius Berry

      Lol krab?

      • Mike Donovan

        THATS RIGHT DARIUS. Thats what we crab ass niggas in the hood, KRABS with a K. Not the let ones you let your puffy ankled bitch dip butter in to

        • Darius Berry

          Lol I know what and why you call em that, but the game ain’t ckrip

    • True tingz dat

  • JamDelVamp

    any nigga over 25 still trying to be tough and setting a bad example for his kids can hold this overnight express delivery L.
    i grew up in the hood, not alongside my dad but he was in my life, some of these “men” act as if they have no home training dude its incredibly embarrassing.

  • Dave-o Breeze

    Game lame as fuck so ain’t young thug its like 2 bitches arguing



  • Cheolmin

    Yung thug a faggot plain & simple. He got a few good ones though

  • preppy pimp

    Thugga would Rosemo700 The Lame in Cali

  • David

    Is Young Thug a transgender?

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Blood on Blood on Blood beef.

    • Samisback

      3 fake bloods

      • DontLetWorldstarGetUF’dUp!! .

        Foreals!!!! None of them niggas really bloodin

  • disqus_N9AGKhNIpm


    • Chris

      Glad you said nigga, I know Black Men don’t do this shit…

  • NuneeLohc HTH

    U don’t publicize the shit and alarm the nigga. U take off on sight. Game got the resources to get to that nigga, dont put on for the Gram to get sum buzz. Everybody kno Young Thugg a easy target, why put ur freedom and life on the line brcause of a despute between two homos. Niggaz need to stop being quicc wit giving brownie points 4 pretend shit.

  • Skyler Reed

    Game got ties in Atl and magic city u fuckin dummys lhh

  • Eric RipChris Duggan

    Thug gon go 7:30 on these niggas

  • Andre Sanders

    Gangstaz don’t talk….too much pretty shit nowadays..its a sign of disrespect to The O.G’z…i don’t know bout another nigga hood but that girl as shit of any kind a get you phonked off on sight blood..this new ass generation of fake ass wannabes and their dress attire and instagram and Twitter beefs ain’t real,hell if you got that kind of time yo bitch ass aint on the bloCK anyway,real niggaz ain’t on social media standing in the hood…they active

  • SwamPPeoplE504

    Yung pussy did a show a hour outside new orleans…hahaha…..

  • jbise9420

    Game would fuck up young thugga thugga butt fucka nut hugga

  • Dwight Linder

    ya niggaz killin me g count and game are homies it was just the little niggaz like tyga and durk going at each other so the big homies jumped in said a few words to each other it was nothing that beef wasn’t real niggaz dapped it up like fuk this shit it was good for entertainment now let’s get this money simple shit right get the facts str8 all this google this google that you ain’t gonna find nothing 1

  • fuck-yo-comments

    Young thug sitting in a nail shop getting his nails painted laughing at game right now…

  • Jay MoneyVision

    I thought real Gs move in silence, if the game really wanted to get young thug. Why is he giving him heads up??? If i was me i would’ve not even said shit and served his ass

  • Letsbehumble

    Thugga will fuck this pussy ass nigga

  • Dirty $ucio

    shit… I remember when Snoop was talkin’ about young niggaz representing Bloods and they ain’t from Cali (wayne) he told that bloods & crips in cali are not playin’ around, Game is changin’ this shit, love his music but talk too fuckin’ much and then apologize and then keep talkin’ shit… go and do some ni**a (Whatever… young thug ain’t no test to no one)