The Game Says Lebron’s Legacy Has Been Tarnished [VIDEO]

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  • Astronaut

    They would all post each other up and shoot fade always on each other in a game of 21, but if Bron gets momentum on a drive Kobe or MJ gone get teabagged. It can go either way tho.

    • CO Killer

      That’s literally lebron entire game, bully his way to the hoop without the refs calling fouls lol

  • You mad huh?

    kobe was 5-2 in the finals. lost to the pistons in 03-04 with a 4-1 record and in 07-08 against the celtics with a 4-2 record…unless im not understanding what hes saying

    • BeenASavage


    • CO Killer


  • FaboLoso

    “kobe and mike never lost in the finals” lol and this is why you don’t talk to dumb niggas about sports, kobe lost in 2008 to the celtics and in 2004 to the pistons….sit ya clown ass down and keep letting wack100 extort you for money.

  • Food4Thought

    Any valid point Game tried to make went all out the window when he said Kobe never lost in the finals..Cmon you from Cali how do you not know this

  • Frank Reynolds

    mj lost before he even got to the finals way more than LBJ did

    • CO Killer


  • Frank Reynolds

    the game is one of the most ignorant rappers out there

    • Frank Reynolds

      done some great shit for the community but some of the shit he says and does on social media is brutal

  • Johnathan Dough

    Hell, the games legacy is tarnished, yous a fake blood and a former stripper nigga. Never did nothing in your fucking life faggot.

  • Flame Taylor

    This nigga acting like Curry undefeated in the finals…Everybody on the warriors took Ls in the finals foh

  • Fucc_DT

    Lebron ahead of kobe in all the stats except for rings
    Lebron aint have prime shaq for 3 years either
    and it took the warriors to have four all stars and 2 league mvps to beat Lebron

  • A Jay