The Game Says Kendrick Lamar Is Going To Be On ‘Westside Story’

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  • Astronaut

    Game and K.Dot is such an underrated collab. They go in on every song. I still bump “The City” to this day on my playlist right now.

    • Whitedude

      Kendrick going off on the end of the song was the tightest shit.

      • Astronaut

        And I don’t condone dickriding
        I’m addicted to Westsidin’
        Living in a city where the skinny niggas die
        And the semi bullets fly, but it turned me to a lion
        Tryin’, and I mean that shit
        Game came through, put the city on his back
        I was in the city with a nigga, had seen that shit
        “Compton!”, a nigga gotta scream that shit
        Never went commercial, never TV-screened that shit
        Can’t block or screen that shit
        Now everybody sing that shit!

      • Je’sus

        Fr man ” don’t condone dick riding” was that line

    • Kuhle Velaphi

      dope record, #Murder too from #Documentary2

  • d1gord

    Should be flames. Like game or not, he never spit bullshit on his songs

    • YoungPrime

      Game aint the problem, his manager is. So whether it’s good or not, l’m no longer $upporting the shit!

      • Frank White

        naw game and his IG fingers is also a problem…like I used to be a hardcore Game fan…but lately I can barely support him cuz of his actions

        • YoungPrime

          Courtesy of Wack 100 putting the battery in his back.

          • Frank White

            I mean you could say that, or you could acknowledge the fact that game is like 36. He a grown ass man who can make his own bad decisions ha

          • YoungPrime

            How about the bad desision of having Wack as a manager then…

          • Frank White

            that was Games decision…you just proved my point ha..Game makes bad decisions…

          • YoungPrime

            Agreed… The decision in question is having an annoying ass manager who thinks he’s Suge in his Prime. If the song is any good I’ll listen to it on youtube.

  • FaboLoso

    Uh oh you know what this means..he’s about to start another fake beef to promote his album.

  • YoungPrime

    Crack…I mean Wack 100 is negating Games status at this point. Till 100 kicks rocks i’m never supporting anything that he’s attached to.

  • Mikejones

    lol the game just be begging for attention and buzz , nigga just make a fire track and drop it

  • Howard Terrence

    PHONE #..435_5548452

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    game is washed but he might go ham on this last album he used to be one of the best until he got on social media

    • shocobbb

      i still believe his last albums (year of the wolf not included) have been very good. I feel you on the social media tho. Made him so soft

  • shocobbb

    k dot also on that joint called “Can’t Get Right” that’s on games album, Jesus Piece. Amazing song

  • LatarionMilton

    The City was the reason I even found out who Kendrick was.