The Game Faces NYPD Arrest For Threatening D.J. Star

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  • Anthony Mitchell

    well game is a hot head lol

  • Rhymeschemin

    Star is a scumbag piece of shit he threatened DJ Envy’s Child. Someone needs to off him

    • 100squad

      Yea talking about raping a 4 year old, that’s just out of line ain’t nothing coo about that.. What if yo ma dukes heard you say that or yo sis or daughter? FOH clown I give that man the hands for that comment had he said that bout my seed he better be lucky I ain’t envy, somebody would have had to call an “amber lamps”.

      • lando


  • Phenom1250

    I knew Game’s immature ass would get him in trouble one day. Now he got locked up by this snitch.

    • Tyler Dante Stephens

      Fuck that snitch dude

  • atown7475

    U gotta go see a nigga for even mentioning ur child. I don’t care if your joking or not.

  • Tyler Dante Stephens

    How’s Game a hot head, dude threatens a lil girl then disses Game then talks shit on his boy Envy. I’m suprised he s still walking and or has any relevance to media on so real real.

  • Compton hickory

    Dudes a bitch for calling the police … Take that jaw breaker like a grown man you little bitch.

  • Leftty

    How ya rapping gangsta and shit hits the fan calling the police, your mama be shamed1

  • Just Los

    don’t care what u say Star is the fkn man

  • xnoxes

    who calls the cops cuz someone says they gonna break your jaw….niggas sweet in this world man smh

  • Stone Cold

    Game is a hot head. But Star is a fuck boy. He’s always talking tough as fuck on those Vlad interviews and anywhere else but as soon as someone comes at him he’s running right to the cops.

  • dante

    That’s some crack head ass Shit. Crack heads always snitching

  • me

    star is a joke, id crack his jaw to, just kidding nypd