The Game Calls Out LaVar Ball For Not Delivering Sneakers

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  • Johnathan Dough

    They said u wouldnt get the shoe til November. Cmon I know that and I didn’t pay for them shits. Game is a fucking impulsive fake ass stripper faggot clown.

  • Johnathan Dough


  • sosarozay300

    fuck the ball family

  • frankwhitedc

    Game ….you played yaself

  • You mad huh?

    wasnt he sucking his dick earlier this year talking about buying x amount of pairs and bashing black people for not buying them? lmao

  • lennox buckles

    Game is a idiot anyway

  • Code Name Blonde

    Game displaying simp mentality for trippin’ over Jordan’s shoes when he has zero problems paying for shoes that cost almost twice as much. He’s definitely a simp for thinking every dude with a pair of Jordan’s went broke buying them. It’s like it never occurred to him that ppl can save up for them.

  • black_mamba_fam

    Typical nigga shit….

  • frankwhitedc

    Either this nigga retarded or he missed the memo that these wasn’t coming out till November , no matter when you ordered them

  • YoungTrevlizzy

    the tampon clown is back at it again smh

  • Lol shoe

    I thought this was for pre-orders. Is this nigga dumb? I’m pretty sure thats what they paid for lol.

  • Luca Brasi

    this garbage… these pos shoes are probably made to order. They will mail them all out at once so they can stack the cash before everyone’s starts falling apart after a week.

  • Craig

    This how you know that the game has no real niggas or friends in his circle. Nobody bothered to tell him the shoes are not out yet and to put his phone down.

  • Craig

    Nigga I ordered the Xbox one X and Microsoft didn’t deliver it yet WTF!!!

  • Craig

    I ordered All Eyes on me bluray…. and Pac ain’t bring me my shit yet.