Future’s ‘EVOL’ Is Out Now

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  • TheTruthIsAllAround


    • burk

      That song ” Lil Haiti baby” is a triumph!

    • WVVVVN

      tryna fuck the D.A. lady in her mouf doe

  • Haze

    Future – EVOL > Young Thug – I’m Up

    Young Thug better step up with SS3

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      This shit trash future music all sound the same. Thugga lightyears ahead

      • Haze

        Lets be real.. both of them niggas garbage as fuck.. Only difference is Future ain’t a faggot & you can understand he mumbling slightly better.

        • INOMYRAP

          But future ok

        • Kingquazy

          I can’t help but to imagine like that was actually him who you responded to like that lmfao

        • fried rice

          Real shit young thug sound like a drunk fiend and future sound like that always high nigga who eating snacks trying to talk

      • INOMYRAP

        Same or not Future music is better than thugga but you right about thugga lightyears ahead thats why we dont know wtf yo be saying lmao!!!!!!

  • AllCashNoBank

    Yall missing the big picture. The album is pronounced “evil”, wtf!

    • Kingquazy

      What’s wrong with that??

      • AllCashNoBank

        Its indirect “satanism” being presented.

        • NYCityKid

          Ur Satan, fucking up my high and shit

          • Ryan Joseph

            maybe you need to be “awake” and stoned at the same time, instead of bload and controlled.

          • NYCityKid

            Nah i’m good where i’m at. Stay in them books.

      • Chris Ferreira

        evol = love

        • Ryan Joseph

          we get it. . . but Future means it to said as Evil. . .
          the dude is the GOAT, and im not talking GreatestOfAllTime.
          Dudes trying to kill a generation.
          and on that note, his shit BANGS, so ima bump it. . but never live it.

          • WVVVVN

            10 zannies in the fo

          • WVVVVN

            How is it kiling a generation when everything besides molly was going on before the 90’s generation got a hold of it. Coke ,weed, syrup sippin =80’s

          • Ryan Joseph

            but in the 80’s there were not TOP music artists coming right out and making actual music about using drugs every fuckin day like a damn addict… his excuse is, is that its creative and blah blah blah.. . it still doesn’t hide the fact that hes still influencing kids and other weak minds to think this shit is actually alright and cool. . .

            to be real, its only a problem because he is so famous. . and thats real. He has a unique position to actually do good, like MOST of these icons in higher positions. . . and they choose to degrade and destroy their culture, one song at a time.

          • WVVVVN

            Just because they didn’t make music about it didn’t mean they didn’t do it. I knew ppl younger than me sippin syrup in Houston heavy before future popped off. That’s they culture , ugk to trick daddy made hit songs about syrup. It’s a feeling he said he don’t be doing shit like mixing Molly with syrup but he ppl who do that he make music for the ppl who do that. You got people fucking with heroin heavy you think a artist making music about doing heroin won’t be popular with heroin users. Back in the day if you was smoking erb you was prolly listening to cypress hill today it’s prolly wiz or jets that’s not fucking up a generation because our grandparents most likely smoked enough for our grandkids and their kids are strict type. Like ppl in their feelings jam neyo and drake that’s not making ppl emo that’s just what they doin so that what they listen to.

          • Omar M

            How do you think he got famous? Rappin bout what he raps about. In fact, he used to have bars, competent bars (he grew up around the Dungeon Fam), but didn’t nobody fuck with him then, so he started back with concepts like dirty Sprite, astronaut status, that had the autotune mumblin and focused heavy on the drugs. He knows his lane, prolly better than most other artists know theirs

        • AllCashNoBank

          Bro that’s clearly a cover up! Go look at Drake’s “Views From the 6” album cover. Its a hand making the number 6 w/ an eye ball in the middle.

    • Chill Life

      You need to calm down with that shit. If this is evil then why click on the article?

      • AllCashNoBank

        Cuz I suprisingly like his music and wanted people to understand the reality behind his illusion. #Freebandz

    • WVVVVN

      SO? im tryna fuck the D.A. Lady in her mouf doe

  • bigwangslanger

    Not a huge future fan. My favorite songs by him are “I be u” and “my savages”. He gets alot of love but he is so overrated.

    • Kingquazy

      “I be U” is that shit man. I like a few joints on that album. I think “Blood Sweat and Tears” is probably one of his best songs

  • Cryptocol

    Download the new future album! FREE ZIP


    GANG SHIT!!!!!!!!

  • Chill Life

    So when is this coming out on Google play? Next week?

  • VBucci

    This nigga get more wack with time

  • preppy pimp

    I wish it was on Amazon. Damn that purple reign goes hard like 56 nights!

  • Devin

    that moment you realize Drake is the reason what a time to be alive was so tough

  • Devin

    real shit I’m not even a Drake fan…..if this album was Drake and Future it would ne way better……I cant listen to this mumbling nigga straight through

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    dropping too much music…..Instead of dropping 15 below average products, how about 5 solid ones? Just a thought

  • crownroyal421

    That’s three albums and 1 mixtape in less then six months y’all don’t understand greatness

  • Christian Jones

    U proud now u that apart of illuminati future I bump his old shit when he was hungry and humbled

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