Future Teases New Track With DJ Khaled [Snippet]

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  • Black Money

    Actavi$$ Purple and Pain Pillzz
    i have been in this for 4 years
    Inbox me at Goddymill@gmail.co m

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      I would text you, but I’m actually looking for crack. Thanks though.

      • bushay914nyc

        Thats awsone

      • Astronaut

        You should try eating ass.

        • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

          you should try kissing ass……………………………..mine

          • Astronaut

            Personally i thought the joke was funny

  • bushay914nyc

    Dam future about to waste another beat with that garbage south mumble smh will someone challeng these niggas to a rap battle so they can hid

  • Astronaut

    Super Future

  • glenn dal

    Where my Gee’s at?
    Tired of Dudes getting your Bread and Not delivering
    I have the (ActaVi$$ Purple )
    Pain KillerZ (Generic PillZZ Or Original ones)
    Fone # {+19102}_,36_2789

    • C.Savage

      Nobody ever got my bread, Glenn.

  • Howard Smoolet

    Actaviis Purple & Pain Pillsz in Stock
    No sip No Rap
    Mail…backonmagrind1@gmail.c o m

  • Jay Money

    5 star TOP shelf sstrains.;;;/’;\/;
    Purple kush/,;’/’;
    Grand daddy’/
    Moon rocks.;”’\
    Syrup THC/’.'[.’