Future Snaps Back At JAY-Z Over ‘4:44’ Lyrics

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  • TKingLives

    Wasn’t even a diss its just a fact he played around with in the song… rappers too sensitive, not everything means something haha damn.

    • Allen Smith

      Yea I didn’t think it was a dis, just something relevant that people could relate to

      • TKingLives

        same haha.

    • Alex Lowery

      correction the media just likes to start unnecessary conflict

    • Mike A Jefferstone

      say to tupac when he thought biggie dissed him and who shot ya when it wasn’t about him and the “fans” who make up bs and say “yo so and so said this about so and so” and they get all uppity and diss this rapper because of something a “fan” said just to see a rapper beef cassidy and murder mook even cassidy said it was because of some he said he said look at the beef with nas and mob deep it was just people in their camps that was beefing not the artist and people made it seem it was nas beefing with mob deep and taking lyrics out of context

      • Mec-One

        Brehs ……. how you got quotation marks but, couldn’t manage to drop at least a comma somewhere im there …….. smh

        • jamaicasproblem

          lmao leave tink tink alone

    • WiseGuys Advice

      When he said “we don’t call that money over here.” He’s saying that’s chump change compared to what he has. Undermining their success which he profits from with Tidal so yeah, it was a diss.

      • TKingLives

        Yeah true i see that but no rapper has money like Jay…

      • WilbertPierce

        The whole song is a way of addressing the abundance of “money” but no wealth. So hes saying nigga you got 1000 dollars. In liquefiable assets. I got millions that will grow with time. Some deep shit they don’t teach.

    • 100squad

      And Russell still playing with Future son More than him…but Future just worried about a band to his ear.. Lol Dumbo

      • Woahnow

        How u know tho

      • TKingLives

        so true man i never thought about that haha, crazy…

        • 100squad

          For real tho , crazy out here mane

  • Pressure Muyayo

    Future has less money than Jay-Z…. who’s really getting played?

    • TKingLives


    • SlimJuve25

      i think thats the point jayz was trying to make, future got what about 100k in his hands jayz is worth 850million reason for him saying “We don’t call that money over here”, it went over future head once someone explain it to him he will delete it

      • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

        acting like 100k isnt money is just arrogant. jays a prick for that shit.. no1 has the money he has whats his fuckin point

        • Mec-One

          Brehs, the ones who are holding up the stacks are acting like that’s nothing.

          Personally, I’d rather have a rich cat put me on to game than just have them flexing their stacks in my face

        • nessy

          He is telling them that in the long run that’s not money. That they need to invest and built for tomorrow. To grow up, stop buying jewelry and renting mansions. Use that money to buy something that will help you, own your home etc. Everyone posts that picture of Jay z with the gold chain telling him he did this too, he doesn’t deny it he says continue to grow. It’s so sad when people have all this money then when their star fades they have nothing to show for all they earned.

      • Woahnow

        How old is Jay z

      • Woahnow

        If u got money y u worried bout whs t propel do with there’s

    • You mad huh?

      Jay been out over 20 years. He better have more money lol

  • bumpy johnson

    HOV you wastin your time …I am of the conclusion that black people will never rise up from the gutter to the top where they rightfully belong ……….. The Most high said it best you are a stiffed necked ppl ……….

    • Mike Donovan

      stop sucking that niggas dick… he rose off the downfall of his people you dick riding ass nigga. like hos when a nigga get money yall forget. you are just like them hos. he is no example for our people. hes a lame and yall suck his dick because he has bread. read what you just typed. pure ho shit

      • bumpy johnson

        ????????? OKAY ……

        • Mike Donovan

          crack seller… you talk all that shit but excuse that. fake asssssss FUCK

          • bumpy johnson

            FAKES don’t last that long bruh ………..NAS sold crack too anyway .you got any ideas on how blacks can ascend from the crab in the barrel mentality .. to the top ………..?

          • Mike Donovan

            well first you should recognize that the construct of race is false. im black and love the soul and culture of my people but lumping millions of individual people/souls together is pointless. ANNNDDD so long as said “blacks” bow down to whites financially, socially and adopt their derogatory classification rich, “nigga po nigga”…so crazy people call him genius for that shit) it s not even a conversation that is worth having

          • NYCityKid

            Niggas not goin come out of that tho, the same way white ppl not goin come out of feeling superior to black ppl. They’re brainwashed too. Because ppl who have a lot of money and like to stay in control work very hard to keep it that way. But that conspiring of lumping together souls is OD though. I was thinking that’s what they use entertainers for. Niggas souls/vibe be living on in their fans.

          • Deez Nutz

            Except he’s kicking the same game u trying to kick in your last comment, saying to overcome those downfalls instead of being stuck in that mindset. And you totally miss the point he makes in that song in which he says “rich nigga, po nigga… still nigga”, saying it sarcastically. As someone who has been thru it and done things he “Regrets”(see Reasonable Doubt) and is now, and really has always been, kickin game, if u choose to listen, you would think that he and what he is trying to do is something to respect. Although some people choose to focus on the past instead of the future, and negatives instead of positives

      • NYCityKid

        I’m a HOV fan but, damn.

      • Mec-One

        There’s many people who are doing good things now who have had past transgressions.
        Do you hold Malcolm X misdeeds against him …… the accusations against MLK Jr ……….

        • Mike Donovan

          horrible comparison. this man is not on the level of malcom x. and yes the crack era is why blacks are where they are currently. king had side bitches.. he did not peddle crack and play a part in ruining the black family and business structure in his community. I understand yall want to love him so mush and lift him higher than he is but please be real

          • Mec-One

            I’m not comparing the greatness of Malcolm , just the fact that they both did not start out on the righteous path ……. and it takes some longer to find said path when enlightenment sparks.

            The black family plight in America doesn’t solely rest on the crack epidemic, this goes back throughout American history ……..

  • imaginationsequation

    I hope this not the trend of the week

    • Mike Donovan

      it will be

  • Mec-One

    A dude who has only been in the game since 2012 trying to talk boss talk to a dude who been doing it heavy since ’96 ……. yeah okay

    • realtalk

      96? Lmao you mean 91 right?! Were you born after 91 that’s why u didn’t know lol

    • realtalk

      96?? Lol were you born after that year or something cause jay-z been out n heavy since 90-91

      • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

        ya niggas old af

      • Mec-One

        Jay has actually been in and around the game since ’86 ……. I was just going off his official album release year ……… excuse me for any confusion

  • YoungPrime

    That’s just Future calling Ciera to give her her child extortion payment.

  • NYCityKid

    I thought I was coming here to see shots returned.

    • JSlimm65

      Instead u see a bunch of irreverent ass post from ni–as who in their feelins

  • Mike Power

    Blue Ivy got more money in her sand box!! FOH

  • Matt Leon

    I just love how the first three news articles today are dudes responding to lines in Jay’s new album lol.

  • Issa lie

    These niggas got money and still dumb

  • Manny Bravo

    The money phone looked corny before Jay said it. Now, dudes are doubling-down on this foolishness.

  • pjthelogan

    How could he diss Jay for that?! It wasn’t even a diss, it was fact! Jay just tryna learn from someone ELSE’s screw up. Which is a mark of true wisdom! And side note, all these rappers, like future, who hurt black people by their existence, who push a coonish, ignorant image of Black folk, should be snatched from their homes and “disappear”. Jayz talking wealth building and unity among Black folk and Future talking Mollys and percocet. Get this tap dancing, face covered in Vaseline having, smiling way to big, coon out of here.

  • Mec-One

    Jay actually didn’t tell them not to do it ……… he just stunted on them by saying he don’t consider that money ……… seems it doesn’t take much to get the weak in their feelings

  • Chris Amaro


    What a burn….

    How will Jay-Z and his $800,000,000 net worth ever recover from that lesson on what wealth is?