Future Slam Dunks Scottie Pippen With Larsa Pippen Sex Brag

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  • Drake Jr.


  • Spookeysmoker

    Them bars was so corny

    • Supreme Trunks

      Future never been a lyricist. Homie just says savage shit on a track with good beats and a ncie flow. Thassall lol

      • Spookeysmoker

        Now I can dig when people say that but when they say goat and shit I be like come on man dude is mid tier for a artist of today’s standard

  • Frank White

    now that shit was corny….

    • 100squad

      Exactly now you have been educated on the comparison..

      The pleasure is all yours As I seek no thanks from your ignorance. Good day to you sir.

  • Spookeysmoker

    Dam if it’s that bad he need to stay underground where he wanna be st lol

  • Spookeysmoker

    Dam he don’t even get to use corny lol he’s that bad dam I really don’t see how people like dude

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    Knew Dat being sincere Shit wasn’t Gon last. I knew he was Gon turn his savage up someway on his new album.

    • BrodieThaGod

      Lmao bruh was apologizing in advance for the feelings that gon be hurt after this new drop

  • Seren

    In ten years ppl are gonna say future who,Scottie on the other hand made his mark in the NBA with some of the best.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Hhe never support Starlito projects.. Laaames

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Hell yeah can’t wait

  • Sol Rothstein