Future Now Claims Drake Collab ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ Never Happened

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  • Craig

    bruh its not impossible. I mean you take unreleased or unused verses from the artist add a beat paste it all together in whatever audio software and you got it. But the thing with this album is alot of times both artist were on the same hook and concept on each song sooooooo yeah in futures case its the codein

  • Bruhbruh

    Dudes, the audio in which the question is asked is obviously recorded in another space. FAKEEEE

    • jdt96

      Yup. But Future is on the cover of the magazine which released the video, and did an interview/promo with them. So whatever is going on, Future probably approves.

      • ilikemusic.

        jdt96 the real MVP

  • Casey Jones

    loll to many foesss, he forgot the whole thing

  • Sean Paul

    clearly hes on drugs lmao

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      I would act like I don’t remember making that trash too. That was Future’s worst combined with Drake’s worst mixtape. What A Time To Be Alive and listen to garbage

  • highgeorgebush


  • EastChiRaq

    shits stupid, pages just tryin get views

    • Bam Bam Bigalow


  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith


  • This looks like a publicity stunt type deal

  • Really how the fuck are we supposed to know what this means lol

  • Ascendence

    prolly the title of his next tape or album

  • Que nY

    He found out Drake a fraud that’s why lol…he wants no parts of that..if you really listening to the album/mixtape you can clearly hear the whole WATTBA has Future’s wave all through it….whoever hot Drake always try to ride they wave 1st Migos now Future FOH!

    • AP

      Who’s wave hasn’t he rode is the question. He even rides athletes’ waves. Serena, Lebron, Manziel, anyone at the top of their game at the time. He finds a way to “show up in their lime light”.

      • ChampagnePapiDevine!

        Straight bandwagon.. that’s definitely not my cup of tea.

  • Young Splash

    Codiene is a powerful drug

  • goldentiger3

    They trying to spread more beef rumors lol. I don’t care what you say or who you are, your career will always take a hit if you target america’s favorite canadian. Im a fan of his music but like what happened to meek(Even though his diss was trash) meek couldn’t win and future doesn’t have bars to go up against drake lets be real. Either way it’s a lose-lose situation targeting drake because his fanbase is you know. Still drake is definitely one of the top rappers when he wants to rap.

  • TheRenaissanceMan

    Fuck he got a taliban chain for?

  • Lucidellic

    hahahah Molly and them xans got him aggravated :’D

  • kushxchevys

    It never happened is prolly a new mixture or sum haha

  • Chuck23

    He’s obviously saying that to stay humble and keep grinding like it never happened

  • Zelalem Alemayehu

    Yo the way they set it up was probably to attract attention to the video so that more would watch it.. When the full video comes out, the question and Future’s answer will most likely be at separate times of the interview.. It’s actually genius promoting.. it’s misleading, but genius nonetheless!

    • montecarloflow

      It might be kind of clever but no where near genius marketing..

      • #ItNeverHappened

      • Zelalem Alemayehu

        I mean on the regular the interview probably wouldn’t have been noticed by most. IF this was a marketing move then it is indeed genius because now, it’s on a whole lot of people’s radar.. There’ll be articles written and social media might explode into it.. all that and more bro

        • montecarloflow

          True. I think any decent quality interview with a current hot artist has traction to get views and posts especially from sites like this anyways though. If it was a ploy, it’s just..meh, whatever idc

  • John Best

    I literally don’t know the context of anything here, and now you’re trying to tell me a man thinks he didn’t make an album with another man. I don’t think this is valid storytelling.

  • Mr.know2much

    The undertaker looking ass boy stop gloryfying suckas people

  • Andrew Meeks

    It means what’s coming next is gonna make you think it didn’t happen !!! yall stupid as fuck!!!

    • DEZn00ts_1

      Actually you’re stupid for not being yourself.

  • Nolram

    The voice in the beginning was added in. You can hear it

  • Des

    The clip breaks up…they say “last week, what a time to be alive” and then it cuts to him saying it never happened. You can tell there was more to what was said. Horrible edit job

    • Kingquazy

      Well for starters, they say “and lastly”…

  • ilikemusic.

    Is it just me or does it seem like eventho we know what Future was gonna say i still found myself with my ear close to the speaker trying to understand what he said


    That’s the tape they dropping assholes

    • Kingquazy

      Even though Monster 2 is the title of Future’s next joint and Views From The 6 is Drake’s… Sooo… who’s really an asshole?

  • Kingquazy

    Well… It is kind of fishy that there was never a tour. It most certainly would have been sold out venues(possibly arenas…..) worldwide. Maybe they aren’t cool anymore? Maybe they snatched Future’s album and threw Drake all on it? Kind of odd it was only Future’s producers all over… save for the Drake only joint… Just something to think about.


  • jay

    Was whack anyway , shouldn’t have happened

  • Zelalem Alemayehu

    Am I the only one afraid for Future?? Cause when the dude lifted his head all I saw were black slits for eyes

    • Stephen Madison

      I seen that too oms

  • mudface

    That nigga spaced tf out he better leave those drugs alone. Demons all over his ass…

  • South_Jerz

    Ok I’m lost what the hell is this all about???

  • Ryan McCall

    Probably the title of something coming. Planting the seed to the next hook. Have y’all dancing and singing along in no time.

  • Zach Shelby

    It happens in the rap ham all th time where djs/producers get cuts sent in or record cuts separately because of beef between guys schedule conflicts or whatever but both rappers are on an album and considered a collaboration even tho both guys didnt agree to collaborate. Its a money maki ng tactic has nothing to do with morality or integrity.