Future & Mike Dean Deny Coming For ‘Panda’ Producer On Copyright Claims

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  • Melo

    Black mamba fan, where you at, with your petty ass? Ain’t no grounds to sue. It would’ve been a senseless suit, and they wouldn’t have won, hence the reason they didn’t pursue it.

  • Could be the company itself to and not the producer or artist….everybody know everything on the internet but all the shit they need to know like how corporate America works lol

    • Cultured


  • just another white nigga

    desiigner needs to go at kim for his allowance, since mama bear seems to be the one payin all the bills.

    • Finesssser

      Desiigner makes like 50k a show so he’s not starvin by any means

  • Finesssser

    Desiigner is more charismic and funny to me(nigga has me dyin in interviews n ish), but I like more Future tracks than Desiigner ones, Only like Panda and Timmy Turner really from Desiigner.

  • Finesssser

    U don’t like Feds Did a Sweep? That was some real shit

    • frankwhitedc

      Never heard of that one , bout 2 check it out . I like that future joint news or something tho