Future Makes History With First Week ‘HNDRXX’ Numbers

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  • William Wesley

    Shouts to my nigga Pluto he running shit right now, shouts to the whole FreeBandz, #MoreLife dropping tonight!!! The team got shit lit right now. #FBGOVO #TALIBAN #TROPHIES

    • Eptoday

      He’s the only one I hear say Freebandz.

    • Astronaut

      Future Engines, We Global now.

  • Kevmac01


  • A Jay

    Props man good LPs back to back. people saying “trash” I mean even if Drake or Cole put out albums it would have some similar songs to what Future is doing so you can’t diss Future. And that Hndrxx is amazing.

    • Kevmac01

      Did you just compare Cole to Future???? Kill yourself man. NObody is on Cole level. You’re stupid af

      • vapaperboi .

        cole got bars.,.future dont..but i know what homeboy is saying…talking about how its slowjams…sounds like r&b rap

    • Kevmac01

      You name one song Cole ever done that was similar to future? Wait you can’t

      • A Jay

        Fold clothes, Deja Vu
        I’m not saying rapping I’m saying just records

        • Kevmac01

          Those songs DO NOT compare to future songs in no kind of way. Try again

  • dhusu

    mf got some nerve naming his album after a musical legend