Future Fires Back With Emasculating Tweets After Rocko Files Lawsuit

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  • Shay P.

    everybody beefing

    • DJCEO

      I feel you but at least this over money and not a bitch or just some petty shit

  • MrMc Clay

    Rock makes sense.

  • Pz. Of

    A1 is partnered with Epic. I mean how else you think you got a deal to make your label subsidiary with Epic. If you start something else without fully understanding what you’ve just signed, silly shit like this happen.

  • Layers

    Rocko over Future any day bih

    • $$ Ty $$

      youre outta line lmao

    • DJ SMOKE

      hell yea future trash af I doubt we EVER hears his real voice on a track. #BANAutotune and everything like it

  • Anthony Mitchell

    new music from both coming soon lol

  • finally somebody who gets it. just keep your mouth closed and let the lawyers talk for you.

    court of law > court of public opinion

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      Fuck public perception if we talking about millions…imo…street cred only goes so far and is honestly USELESS in the REAL WORLD…l

      • damn real…that’s why I don’t get homeboy thinkin he bout to get cool points tryna take that shit to twitter. shit really make him look lame on the low. better lawyer tf up!

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          Right and since when is a lawsuit considered snitching? Future is an imposter, street niggas don’t think like that. Got all the kids on drugs meanwhile he sober than a pregnant bitch

          • if bruh didn’t honor the contract, he shoulda knew it was gonna go to court over millions. he got a solid rep down here, but once you get into to big business man you gotta use your business sense then. I live in the A…trust me breh with or without the music they gone stay high. this city a big ass dope spot.

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Atlanta is single handedly killing the rap game. And I don’t mean that in a good way. I’m from Alpharetta bruh and I got plenty of friends and fam all over the A. Atlanta is the gay capital of the world and it shows through these new niggas proclaiming to be goons or whatever. That’s one thing I can give Future and Rocko, they ain’t ever been on no gay shit

          • gotta say disagree on all fronts there. atlanta’s not even in the gay capital of this country let alone the world lol. it’s not even in the top 10 metros in this country with percentage of gay ppl.

            I’m not a rap purist, so I don’t agree that atlanta music is killing rap either. but you’re entitled to your own opinion so I can’t knock that.

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Google that shit. I’m not trolling, I’m telling you facts. Atlanta is in the top 5 gayest cities in the US. And it has nothing to do with my opinion. Google it, then holla at me. And Atlanta is killing rap, compare days of old from Georgia rappers to today. Case and Point, Tity Boi aka 2 Chainz was considered garbage back in the day… Now he’s the shit for whatever reason. Young Thug is clearly gayer than 2 guys effing 3 guys. Migos make good music but I get the feeling it’s mostly lies. I love authenticity, but you right we all have different opinions. Most people love fake shit

          • bruh. what you are saying is just not true. I googled the facts before hand. here you go. now these numbers are from a well researched poll from gallup. one of the most trusted names in social metrics. and published in the nytimes. I’ll copy and paste cities with the highest percentage of gay population directly from gallup and the nytimes. since they won’t let me post the link.

            Metropolitan areas with the highest rates of L.G.B.T. residents
            San Francisco 6.2%
            Portland, Ore. 5.4%
            Austin, Tex. 5.3%
            New Orleans 5.1%
            Seattle 4.8%
            Boston 4.8%
            Salt Lake City 4.7%
            Hartford 4.6%
            Denver 4.6%
            Los Angeles 4.6%
            Louisville, Ky. 4.5%
            Providence, R.I. 4.4%
            Virginia Beach 4.4%
            Columbus, Ohio 4.3%
            Jacksonville 4.3%

            you can google this yourself. stop pushing your opinion as fact. it makes you look bad.

            everything else is just your opinion on music. ppl I know was fuckin wit chainz when he was tit and still fuck with him now. there is no right opinion on music. either it’s your taste or it isn’t. again, your opinion does not equal fact.

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            – Butt Hurt Atlantean

          • troll tears are always sweetest when they know they took an L.

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            I’d rather take an L, than take a D. You gay Atlantean. I bet you rock skinny jeans and paint your nails

          • – troll tears

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Troll? You sir are the troll. Look at your user name. Smh, nobody likes Otters. Especially dangerous ones, gtfohwtbs. You just mad cause I told you a fact about Atlanta. You clearly mustn’t live there or haven’t been in a long long time.

          • you upvote yourself and think your opinions are facts b. foh.

            yea there are gay people in atlanta. only a dumbass would say they aren’t, but everything you claimed was a fact was debunked by actual statistics, researched by gallup and posted in the new york times. not my opinion and not some random blog. im bored now so you can have the last word man, im out.

          • Just Los

            gotta agree with this.

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Gotta agree with what? Some random shit he posted. Google Atlanta Gay Capital and see what pops up. All of the top search results are from well respected journalist, survey sites, and news agencies. Atlanta is gay as hell, regardless if it’s the actual gay capital of the world or the US. My point was that Atlanta has been turned gay, even the music is worse. Atlanta used to drop gem after gem. Now we get Slime Season -_-

          • Just Los

            bruuuh SF is def Gayer…. I also like ATL rap shit bangs mangggg

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Atlanta is still one of the gayest cities in the world

          • DJ SMOKE

            Future b rockin his dreads like a female a lot dont act like you aint neva notice that and he got bunch of niggaz wearing they shit like that too….nigga be lookin like somebody sister n shit

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            Lmao, that’s true. He do got weird swag but he don’t take it to Young Thug’s level. Matter of fact, I do recall seeing a picture of Future looking like he was wearing a skirt. Ok you got me, cause I’d never wear a skirt

          • DJ SMOKE

            Man nobody go gay like young thug that nigga real life MAN-tranny

          • Just Los

            i mean in that interview he didn’t say he don’t do no drugs.. he just said that he don’t do drugs all the time like it would appear fm listening to his music… but still.. take this upvote ma dude

        • DJ SMOKE

          thats why he deleted that shit but he got dat cake so know he got them lawyers too he just madd cuz its him but let a mf come sideways he gon be suing mfs too fuck Future his music trash af just got them killa azz beats

          • Herbz 4 Breakfast

            I agree. I’m not a fan of future. He got a couple of songs I like… but what artist doesn’t

          • yea he prob realized he made a bad move wit that twitter shit, you right tho, if you got mills and no lawyer you are brain dead. I been fuckin wit future way before he blew up, so he been dope to me. but I can’t knock you if you don’t like his shit.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    He tried to throw some shots about baby moms and snitching…who cares? Its ten mil we talking here..lol Niggas take that ‘no snitchin’ shit too far..I dont think you can ‘keep them people out’ and ‘take it to the streets’ when we talking about M’s…dumbass

  • Boo Gotti

    FBG bitch fuc 12

  • Supreme Trunks

    That’s a damn shame when you got to settle problems with your own people using the court room.

    • DJ SMOKE

      10 mil tho its sad when you rob ya mans for 10M anyone with a real business mind would sue Future weak ass.

      • Mike Donovan

        rocko is ddef bout his biz

  • ripmuzicceo

    You niggas dumb, street cred derives from murder, like PAC said if you can be touched you can be killed. And uh future the goat rocko suck ass now. Zaytoven made him hot

  • Ryuk’s Last Apple

    same thing as wop n flock, wayn n birdman…. its called they arent smoking good enough weed, these growers need to share gnome sayin’

  • Dee513

    There’s no way in hell you really my patna if you basically gone steal 10 mill from me…. Future should of kept it real up front when he did what he did….

  • Astronaut

    Used to think Future was legit. Which he probably was at first. But constantly bein in top 5 in albums and mixtapes got a mf thinkin they have Power. Doin what they want. Still gone bang his music tho. Aint my prob.