Future Addresses His Drug ‘Addiction’

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  • Thatregulargirl

    He could be 100% honest, but what drug addict doesn’t deny they’re on drugs, and that they have a problem? Exactly! I wouldn’t even bother answer these questions with pointless results. Just buy my albums, next.

    • poppy magooo

      Did you just answer your own question ?

      • Somebody that Nobody knows


      • Cognac and Papers

        well shes a female sooooo.

        • poppy magooo

          Word same shit happened to me last night .

        • Thatregulargirl

          Only a black male wouldn’t know what a rhetorical question is….

          • poppy magooo

            Now your just generalizing

          • Thatregulargirl

            It’s “you’re”.

            Are you trying to prove me right?

          • poppy magooo

            Your last resort

          • davidtruth

            Got dayum girl you nasty. You killed all these fukbois

          • Slug Blazin

            Bitch ass nigga get ya nose up out her asshole. Your top lip turning brown

          • davidtruth

            Awwww little emotional bitch need a tampon? After getting fucked by a big strap on by her I understand. Your pussy lips are dripping sir.

          • John Doe

            I couldnt even imagine being as gay as you are. How do you think of that shit? You got issues with being a man?

          • Slug Blazin

            Point is your dumb cracker ass on a hip hop site. You’re a fan of black music you cunt

          • Slug Blazin

            Now that sounds very peckerwoodish for someone on a hip hop site. Don’t you have any cracker sites to check out? Cave B***h

          • Thatregulargirl

            Stop whining. Can’t talk shit then get emotional.

          • John Doe

            We should’ve never educated you cave dwellers and left you grunting like pigs. Now you think you know it all

          • Thatregulargirl

            I’m not white, but how can black people talk shit about white people when they dominated your assess on 4 continents? How did cave dwellers and pigs do that? Gotta give ’em some credit.

          • Stirlol
          • Donell West

            Relatively recent, and they did it by being students. Get your shit straight. Blacks dominated from the time Mau was standing out the Pacific Ocean til roughly 2400 years ago. For over 100k years. Watch out Lil’ bih.

        • youknow


  • TheSilentObserver

    The only artist i wish was still on drugs was Lil Wayne. He made some great music in that era

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      bruh lol

  • durtysprite

    30:40 he said ATV’s and the guy translated it to “8 Televisions” (8 tv’s) what an idiot lmao.

  • Racs

    Future is very confused..

  • Chill Life

    Future without a doubt is on drugs. He is s trapper turned business man. He knows what ppl want these days, so he gives what most people want. He might not be a drug addict, he also might be. What we know is that his drug usage influences his music heavily.

    • Ken Hubbell

      A real respected trApper dont get high where im from sin city eastside 702 V89156

      • Cuntfish

        We found the big bad weed peddler, lol.

  • Ken Hubbell

    What kinda druG IS HE LIKE?nd btw any person who feels like they need to bring it public..ITZ A PROBLEM BELIEV . ME

  • Ken Hubbell

    A respected trapper dont get high .hes a entertainer/drug addict

    • Slug Blazin

      I remember when rappers dissed selling drugs. Now niggas glorify that. So obviously in my mind a junkie rapper was next. It’s what drug culture creates. But you clowns will still glorify something you’ve never been a part of

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Nigga a hype

  • Yup

    Just stay off the lean and pills you’ll be fine.

  • HipHopFan

    He is a addict once you put Opiates into your body for more then a week straight you just got into some shit you wish you have never done because when you stop drinking the Lean it feels like someone beat you down with a bat plus vomiting & diarrhea its called Dope Sick the worst shit ever I dont wish that on anyone you cant just stop cold turkey Future is so full of shit when he says he aint an addict he is in denial like a mofo Opiates are no joke once those opiates get into your bones its a wrap you just need to drink that shit just to be able to function I did opiates for 12 years and been clean for 10 I dont wish that shit upon my worst enemy and if you never tried it dont you will wish you was dead when you cant find it being Dope Sick sucks really bad…….Future promotes lean like its the shit when its the total opposite…Opiates isnt like any other drug were you can just stop ask any Dope head they will confirm the term “DOPE SICK”

    • Keb0

      yup.. especially the 30’s

    • NYCityKid

      Lol you went in. Good lesson tho

  • dhusu

    he’s just trying to clean up his image a lil bit, but it’s not fooling anyone

  • I only do drugs because of Future and The Weeknd….

  • Thizz Clinton

    heart of artichoke = artificial…never heard of couscous lmao