Funkmaster Flex Fights Tears While Responding To T.I.’s Tupac Post [VIDEO]

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  • 100squad

    Suge son is corny, “West Side” to your dad for not teaching you how real men confront each other negro please, let’s not talk about the skillsets his dad ain’t teach him. Next

    • JThomp187

      Flex is corny too.

    • Rome

      Flex is just as corny. Simple ass nigga.

      • 100squad

        I think we all forgot Bitch too..his new name is Funk Master Kotex

  • sahn

    kept it 100

  • Tino Panama

    He cried a little lol

  • jimbean758

    Flex is a fuck boy. He just trying grab some head lines cause Pac movie about to drop. His right he’s not street dude which means he needs​ keep other people name out of his fuck boy mouth. That’s how bitch ass niggas get fuck up talking that fuck boy shit. Like everyone you trying bring in going save your ass. And who is the fuck is we talking about that’s what we respected​ about him. You saying you not a street dude going keep somebody running up on you. That’s how fuck boys get it every day doing the same shit you doing.

  • Adlaker12

    Fuck Flex and his BS grudge he has about Pac.

  • lol

  • Spookeysmoker

    This nigga old and gay stay in a camera man how you niggas raising y’all sons I wonder

  • edward moore

    Big knew who set pac up he called. Pac. In prison. And. Told him he knew pac got mad at big for not telling him and them eastcoast hustlaz was extorting big and fluffy big died because puffy let him you never go to enemy turf slippin all tgat money puffy paid grape st and ya boy got popped wit no problem pac got himself killed i blame puffs ho ass for da homie big dying …..fuck flex he a tranny chaser just like mister cee

    • Shun Patterson

      I think youre right and idk what tha fuck was going on cause none of us was there….social media is a death trap for everybody..wake up people !!!

  • The truth hurts, all the Tupac Stan’s mad cause Flex stated the truth.

  • qgreen100 .

    I wonder where Mister Cee at right now, wondering if his gay ass got something to say

    • edward moore

      He aint going to say nothing he know that tranny chasin killed his career and flex is next

  • D’s Nutssss!

    Biggie would call Fuck Flex a Bitch for speaking about him and PAC. They both looking down from ghetto heaven like look at this Bitch ass nigga ( laugh ) PAC like dats ya mans Big like ion dat nigga ( laugh )

  • Jonnae

    Boo Hoo

  • Leftty

    Yeah now they all get emotional and sh***, just keep your mouth talking about shit you dont know. F*ck they all say; Pac was a good dude man, if he was angry being setup by BIG, because this dom ass simple people now days misunderstand kindness for weakness, thats why he came back that hard to show hes not weak and set the blueprint for all you so called rappers.

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    flex speaking real shit niggas just not listening cause they dont respect the messenger if tupac was out in todays social media world he wouldnt be what he is today and thats a fact