Fresno Killer Kori Ali Muhammad Was Also A Rapper

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  • LoveBoat2smooth


  • BrodieThaGod

    This shit so wrong. Misguided people who kill in the name of a God or because of ill conceived thoughts about certain races is always sad to see. Especially with our media pushing the narrative. This is just gonna cause (some) whites to be more racist, which will lead to more violence and nothing will get any better. I just want everyone in the world to come together, pass around hella blunts, and take the time to realize we’re all just fuckin human and killing each other cause some choose to worship a different God, or their skins a different color, or other stupid shit like oil and land, is not making anything better. Instead of looking at what makes us different we should look at what makes us the same and just work together. Shit, we could become so much more of an advanced society if we all focused on the betterment of the human race instead of who owns what piece of land or who has the most fuckin green pieces of paper. None of that shits gonna matter if everyone ends up dying because they can’t get past this dumb shit. I didn’t mean to rant this much but fuck I’m high and I just got goin.

    • SlimJuve25

      “This is just gonna cause (some) whites to be more racist” lmao your either racist or not, no such thing as more racist, whites will be racist no matter what, they are raised that way most people will tell you that well the proud ones, but i do kind of get what your saying closet racist will show their face, funny part is they get offended by people calling them racist even tho they do racist thing it’s like whites are ignorant to the fact they are racist which goes back to the part they are raised that way

      • santoblanco

        STFU “white will be racist no matter what” STFU son, don’t talk about whites in general, you can talk about white americans in your city or whites that you know or whites in america. I mean your statement is at least dumb as fuck, because you are practically saying that billions of people of the caucasian race are “racist”. If you would have travelled the world, you would have seen how people live in different countries, and you wouldn’t have written such nonsense. It’s like saying “blacks are criminals”, “mexicans are rapists” = dumb trump way of thining. I know the US, but the world is bigger than that and more complex than that, simple minded fools.

        • Spookeysmoker

          I know a lot of cool white people all the racist white people are the ones who don’t interact with many black people and they only time seeing us is shot like this they like Mexicans more though because they easier on the eyes and they always say yes boss and bend over backwards lol

          • Dvillain.

            You know what fuck YOU.
            black people like you can never talk about another race without degrading another wether it be Mexican or white you always have something negative to say and that’s why black progression keeps slowing down and backtracking. Ignorant ass fool. Another one.

          • Spookeysmoker

            Because I said something real huh I don’t know what world some of you dudes live in but really you obviously must not really encounter the normal problems a good amount of black people go thru again obviously your not either in the working force or in a poverty stricken neighborhood

  • d1gord

    I guess I’m misguided, because y’all just typed a billion words and I only read half

  • bawse

    He seemed like a smart guy with a lot of potential.

    • Tim

      excuse me. WTF DID YOU JUST SAY. . YOUR AN MORON.

      • You mad huh?

        *You’re a moron. lol the irony.

        • Lord_Farquad

          Love when that happens. lol

  • Spookeysmoker

    Terrorist groups when white men targeted lol well only time niggas get shine longer than 5 min when something bad happens

  • Matt Leon

    You can tell from this song that this guy is pretty fucked up in the head. I can definitely look at this dude and think “Yeah you would be the type to kill somebody for not much reason, wouldn’t you?

  • perfect

    You know black people get pissed when a white man commits a crime against them. They march and have violent protests. Now that this has happened yall think the shit is funny. If we marched and have violent protests then we are white supremacists and bigots and racists. Shit the bottom line is the race problem is one sided. The black community wants a race war. They dont want unity. If they did we would have it. Bring all the hateful comments. Yall dont know if Im black or white and the truth will surprise you.