Freshman Freestyles From PnB Rock, Playboi Carti & Boogie wit Da Hoodie

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  • Astronaut

    Me personally i think all of em were trash. No hater shiit. *future voice*

    • Rome

      That PNB freestyle was decent

      • Astronaut

        I disagree. 2 me they sound used to having auto tune and melodies. Nahh bra. We back to the basics. Just be simple, yet creative

        • Joshua Spurgeon

          Yeah they were all trash but I’ll at least give PNB some props for actually rapping a full on song. Gives you a good idea of his sound. Carti just rapped something that I feel like I heard already, which isn’t good for a freestyle, and A Boogie just seemed like “fine. You want me to freestyle, here take this and get out of my face.”

  • imaginationsequation

    Why people front like a boogie didn’t take dej loaf style

    • Worldwide Intentionz


    • Rome

      Cause he from NY and Niggas act like they don’t be biting niggas

  • Whitedude

    Y’all fucked up the title, AGAIN.

  • Worldwide Intentionz


  • they shoulda knew better than askin these dudes to freestyle

    I’ll say it again…xxl gotta be trollin us all this year.

    • Joshua Spurgeon

      that’s what I’m sure most of us thought for last year’s freshman class too tbh lol.

  • Manny Bravo

    Dudes don’t want to rap these days but want all the benefits of being a rapper. We’re exploiting our own culture, and it’s wack.

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    pnb the best one, carti is fucking trash

  • Joshua Spurgeon

    is it just me or did that Playboy carti song sound like something I have heard before? I feel like if this isn’t a song that he’s already released, this guy is definitely going to need to switch up that style fast cause it ain’t gon be possible to sell if all of your music sounds the exact same.

    • Myleage


      • Joshua Spurgeon

        That was probably it.