French Montana Scraps ‘MC4’; Is Forming A Record Label With Max B

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  • Neighborhood Soup..

    A wonderful day in Hip Hop… Mac and Cheese 4.. GTFOH

    • trapalizer

      I fucked with couple songs on there and the tribute to max and chinx was dope as fuck.

      • ChiCity300

        He trash all he do is ride other people waves.

        • trapalizer

          yeah and all you do is comment on it.

          so how does it feel to be on that level on the food chain lmao.

          • ChiCity300

            Feel good cause I don’t buy his shit so I could care less and me commenting on it while I take a shit priceless. I’m eating good on this level of the real fuck the fake. But you commenting on my shit trying to hold his balls up how it feel to be on your level?

  • Peter Kushing

    I aint even know this stupid fuckin Arab was still around. Who in the fuck checkin for this clown still?

    • youknow

      stfu ur mom is arab

  • FireKraker

    physical album copies are going the way of the dinosaur anyway, so it isn’t a huge setback for him. Kinda bummed MC4 is a Detox sequel though.

  • Astronaut

    Your Album was free and i didnt even bother to download. Says a lot about you French. Everybody likes free.

  • William Broke

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    Mail…backonmagrind@gmail.c om