French Montana Is 50 Cent’s Latest Social Media Victim

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  • 50 Won

  • lorenzo

    well 50 shittin on niggas 2015

  • Cirocinmycup

    Both of them niggas gay, “50, French” so whats next!!!

  • Aminullah

    50 is wack

  • braaaa

  • OodlesNnoodles

    Oh I see grown ass Niggas having IG war’s nowadays like little teenagers…But that ain’t none of my business (sips tea)

    • Derrick Burgess

      say what ha ha bruh….if u post a picture of some shit that’ll make ppl talk….its errybodies business lmmfao

      • OodlesNnoodles

        I wouldn’t post a picture in the first place cuz I don’t have a faggot ass IG, how am I the only one that sees this whole thing is fruity as fuck

        • Derrick Burgess

          ur not i do to….it makes me think twice about french montanas character tho

  • Dotcomma

    Diddy is a fruit cake even without Ciroc in his system.

  • Devin

    Lol niggaz will never learn……lol 50 the king of this shit…….no warning shit….1 shot 1 kill

  • BROWNIES//////

    ”Why French all pressed up on Diddy ?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Yung Shoota

      them niggas bout to butt fuck real tlk no homo expect for them them niggas is wild homo for this one

    • Derrick Burgess

      they prolly had thresomes

  • Yung Shoota

    damn tho real tlk french losin for that one niggas been know the nigga diddy gay n this niggas french rollin in the damn grass with diddy lookin like bout to butt fuck on som gay shit smh GAY AF. smh i dont kno about that nigga no more real tlk bout to erase all coke bpys music off my phone smh if french gay them niggas all is prolly gay to fuck that shit bruh i dont support no faggets

  • Yahya Hussein

    Noooooo, he wasn’t ready

  • Derrick Burgess

    50 is one drama startin ass nigga lol

  • skinny

    but both of this niggaz girls r right there ..cut this shit out