Frank Ocean Torches The Grammys (& Defends Kendrick Lamar)

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  • A Jay

    Agreed it’s never accurate, if Pac and Nas never won one then Kendrick is a afterthought

  • FireKraker

    if Frank O is gonna say he don’t need an award to be successful, then there was 0 point in ranting in all caps about how the Grammys are out of touch with black artists just because a white pop artist won over a black rapper. Rap has been struggling for the longest to be accepted as music by those ppl, so race has nothing to do with it. Taylor could’ve been black and still won that award.

    • Supreme Trunks

      He didn’t write that comment to get acceptance though. He said they are faulty and they came for his neck saying his performance was “shit” so he just responding to that disrespect and clear up what he meant.

  • black_mamba_fam

    Over emotional bitch nigga…

  • Ghostface-

    rant rant rant blah blah blah why respond if they mean nothing to you? they obviously hurt ur feelings lil nigga

    • SlimJuve25

      he responed to clear up his message for slow people like you, not for the people that got their feeling hurt from his original comment

  • the straight up truth

    Now obviously I like Kendrick’s album over Taylor Swift’s pop ass but hear me out,

    Why is it every time that when a black person loses they blame racism, u know Taylor wouldn’t have done it if she lost. I don’t have the sales numbers off the top of my head, but surely Taylor outsold Kendrick by a huge margin. Could there be a wider connection for the people to Taylor Swift’s music. U think some people don’t absolutely love that shit. All im saying is the racism card can’t get pulled for everything. They did nominate him and he won rap album of the year

    • Ratchet God Rep That Cap Life

      lol only reason a black person wins album of the year is cuz em did not put in a album

      • SlimJuve25

        lmao em ain’t even top 5 maybe on white people list he is

        • youknow

          nah u trippin he def top 5

          • Brandon Braxton

            I’d give him number 10, but judging by the independant music he’s come out with lately he’s far from that Marshall Maters LP, top 5 Eminem.

    • SlimJuve25

      seems like your truth is bias so it can’t be called the truth

      • the straight up truth

        I am bias, King Kendrick is that nigga. I don’t think after he lost though, he blamed it on racism. Taylor Swift is the biggest pop artist in the world, to her fans she must be saying something right?

        • SlimJuve25

          you call it racism for frank an many more believe winner has always been skewed towards the white artist, racism would be black people never win, frank never said they was racist but a person name the truth would say he did

          • the straight up truth

            told a bitch you motherfucking right. I am THE TRUTH

          • SlimJuve25

            lmao your in denial my friend but each your own

        • Ye’

          I don’t know if it was racist but I just didn’t fuck with kendricks album

    • burk

      No one is claiming racism , awarding committee are totally out of touch with what people are listening to ..

      • Ye’

        More people obviously listen to Taylor over Kendrick

    • KawantA

      It’s either racism or just being out of touch. To compare TPAB and 1989 is like comparing the I have a Dream speech to a Pep rally speech. Any non bias music critic would have gave Kendrick that award over any album of the past 5 years because of its quality and content and creativity

      • Poopmaster

        Haha not even bro you need a better analogy

    • Poopmaster

      I never understood why people or mcs care so much I always listen to hip hop, never with the thought of the album going to the Grammys. To me rap/hip hop never fit if you look at that crowd I rarely see people in the audience who even care for hip hop or hard rap that none of them could relate too honestly who cares as long as they get a BET award and sell them albums that’s all that matters lol