Former Ruthless Records Artist Frost Details How Eazy E Was Given AIDS

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  • EastChiRaq

    credible…whatever way it happened it happened and its fucked but nothing will bring that legend back!

  • poppy magooo

    Who cares

    • goodz

      Hopefully when your mother get aids lets see if u care

  • NYCityKid

    They said the virus dies on air contact? Niggas and they fucking fairy tales

    • S!N NAPS

      people get HIV from sharing needles all the time

      • NYCityKid

        The only logical thing I can think of is blood going back in the syringe. But acupuncture needles? Who knows man. She probably had the bag of aids to dip it in.

      • Craig

        It’s not the actual needle that infects them its the contaminate syringe. … that holds old blood and everything thing else that went through it. That part is not exposed to air if used properly

  • Indian Cuckhold

    Hopefully Slim Jesus will get it.

    • Skylark Deez Nutz


    • Kevin Burfield

      Fuck slim Jesus

      • Craig

        That’s basically what he said

      • Josh

        Slim Jesus > Young Thug > 2pac > Biggie > Eazy Aids

    • goodz

      Only a dirtbag would wish a terminal disease on someone. And you my friend are one cause if ya mom had it your opinion would b different


    Sooooo…if it was accupunture needles then they should go to the location he got it from ? This shit is too looney tooney lol

  • Jasmine Lebeau

    Well suge did admit that he hired someone to inject e with hiv positive needles. He been in jail not getting out anytime soon so he did admit it in a letter and he hasn’t paid his writter since snoop been drug free.

  • True story,Suge Knight will reap every bad deed he’s done!

  • Grace Hite

    Hi im in nursing school the syringe had to have dna blood left dried up in the pump of the syringe puncture when you draw to pull back the dried blood will become moist again after your fluids mix with the old substance then be injectected into the person who becomes infected…..