Former Remy Boyz Member P-Dice Confronts Fetty Wap At His Home

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  • Anonymous
  • dhusu

    p dice just mad cause he can’t roll with Fetty and leech off his success. another Stitches in the making

  • SMH

  • Somebody that Nobody knows

    he blew a kiss at a nigga lol n if u at his house than ring the doorbell don’t post a ig video

    • LatarionMilton
  • Funnyasfluck

    Who he got with him Will Ferell Get Hard this dude are you serious…..He looks alone usually your boys would be all up in the phone like what what yeah we hear dudes nowadays……Dude Fetty cant see you 3 blocks away go ring the Bell how many boys you had I seen 0….I was looking like .)

  • John Best

    Haha aw man this is actually kinda funny. His girl would whoop ass.

  • Chill Life

    This nigga played ding song ditch with his ass. Rung the doorbell and ran

  • JiggaWu1430

    This nigga fake as fuck

  • LatarionMilton


  • Cornelius Grimes

    Internet gangstar award nominee

  • Boogie Black

    I knew this nigga was dirty the min i seen him in 679 video..

  • When you make a video like this you open up to get killed. Its proof that you are making threats and coming to someones home. So when you get killed its self defense in the court of law. Black people should know the law better than whites

    • Seminalindians

      If he was to kill or have this guy killed it would not be self defense. You have to be in immediate danger of your life for self defense. I just don’t want 6ou spreading the wrong info having people commit 1st degree murder thinking they can get off on self defense.

  • Basura

  • mack

    Niggas play with niggas livelihood to much coming to a nigga house an get shot over nothing, cause u mad cause u broke tell me where that make sense

  • blackHipppyyy

    If he was really about that life he wouldnt be making a video telling fetty to come out he’d be banging on his door blowing up his phone hes just trying to get street cred fool prolly aint even pull up on fetty. Anywho they both suck and i got weed to smoke carry on folks…