Forbes Releases 2015 Hip Hop Cash Kings Top 20

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  • Samisback

    where’s fifty?

    • topgunn

      He broke af

      • #Worklife



      That nigga done fell off hard AF they even trying to get at that niggaz Power money lol

      • Samisback

        haha..50 fans really don’t wanna believe he’s going broke, they think this entire thing is a ploy to get out of paying his debts.

    • BuckPhiLLy

      this is how much they made. not net worth. Still #4 net worth according to Forbes.

      • Samisback

        I know..but why isn’t he on this list? you mean to tell me he didn’t make enough money to qualify for this list, dude fell off bad.

  • rg2

    nigga pitbull cashin

  • youngfunds

    Shout out to everybody that thought 50 cent was filing bankruptcy to jam Rick Ross babymom up

  • poppy magooo

    What’s eminem still doing to make this list

    • Chuck D

      sponsors, continued record deals, apple signing, southpaw tracklist + everything he already owned

    • JohnWiick

      Shade45 is probably a huge chunk of it.

    • I_AM_Houston

      his radio station too.

  • i thought 50 got 75 million for that underwear deal or was it in 2014

    • James Williams

      70 million over 10 years

      • 70 million over 30 years. And 50 can refinance

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Diddy still spending the money Biggie helped with.

  • Bmoney

    What about Logic?

  • Nathaniel Crowe

    How can diddy be a hip hop cash king if he is not actually really involved with hip hop anymore?

    • goodz

      Hes owned bad boy ent a hip hop label 4 over 20 yrs yeah he dont have the artists he use 2 have but he still has put acts out

  • ilikemusic.

    Wiz quietly still generating big numbers!

  • Adrian Contreras

    No 50 Cent??? Maybe he lied about all his deals? SMH c’mon man.

    • Je’sus


  • montecarloflow

    Wiz stays climbing the forbes list each year. I predict he’ll be #6 in a year or so

  • Ye’

    My nigga wayne still in it

  • Christian Jones

    I see ya tip get them numbers up

  • Miles M-Havok Eichelberger

    My nigga wiz climbing that ladder I bet hell be top 5 soon enough

  • Jack Gilmore

    Pitbull cashin foodstamps


    Drake laughin at Meek Minajs bank account lol

    • goodz

      And were laughing at yours

  • TS3

    No Meek again eh, sucks that he brags about counting $500,000 cash but cant make more than Macklemore and wants to challenge the fame of Drake.

  • The fact that Tech9, and indie artist, constantly makes this list and never gets a mention is STRAAAAAAANGE!!!

  • I_AM_Houston

    tech 9 never miss a year. that indy paper is crazy for him

  • I_AM_Houston

    Artists can decline to be on the list also. 50 may have done that. Idk..We know meek did a ton of shows too and hes not on it. i think some ppl want to be on it and some dont

  • OG Maui

    Damn Future no where on the list for all that work he put in?