Floyd Mayweather’s Serious Tax Problems Revealed

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  • Thee_One1

    i was thinking that….i hope it makes sense. I don’t know where he getting that high ass rate of return from to not pay 22 million :-/

  • Da Truth

    Chump change to floyd buy he still may end up broke one day

  • Chicagoan

    Smart business men know NOT to fuck with the IRS. “Strategy” my dick… No “savvy investor” needs that many deferrals.

    • black adam

      spoken like a true minimum wage bitch. dont worry about being rich, youll never amount to shit.

      • Chicagoan

        Nigga u sound like lil bitch, no 1 talkin to yo old lame ass tryna get involved…. U never seen any real money faggot. Talkin about money?? Whatchu know about real cash, faggot? Get off my dick

  • yolkipalki69

    He should sue this lawyer for the amount he owes……. plus he getting knocked out next month….. lmao

  • Ghostface-

    dont play with the IRS. Government loves “their” money.

  • Astronaut

    Just another way to discredit a brother for the reputation he built. Im appalled by this actually

    • Mike Donovan

      Most of the faggots are dick riders. half the comment makers in here are black and too stupid to see it

      • imaginationsequation

        Ummmm the IRS don’t discriminate, this isn’t a race issue…..this isn’t new and it’s not to discredit the man lol. Sad truth but niggas do play the race card when not needed

        • Mike Donovan

          The story and the reporting IS. An attempt o tear this man down. Whats so appauling are how many people are in on it. You surface gullible muthafuckas are in denial. Rich people do this shit All the time. The president and many more. The point is to make money from the money no just give it up and said penalties are justifiable if earnings outweigh it. Race card is fucking WHITE ass term to dismiss racism. Youre just naive. Race is all over this. “oh that rich black man showing of but golly gee his taxes aren tpaid. ” Where if it was a rich white man like trump or gates this would not be a story. Ever heard of a tax deferral? Why does that exist? youre an idiot

          • imaginationsequation

            Soooooo, white people don’t go.to.jail for tax evasion? Only black people? Are you one of those people who think it’s only black and white people on earth? This isn’t the first time.this happend with Floyd, he owed the IRS had a fight n paid it off, and it’s gonna happen again after he beats Conor. It’s not that deep, it’s an attempt to collect a debt.

          • black adam

            youre missing the point you fucking dipshit

          • imaginationsequation

            No I’m not actually, it’s all business to get stupid people like y’all hype and pay for the fight aka marketing schemes, you fucking genius

  • ilikemusic.

    He shoulda watched the For Free video by Kendrick Lamar. Listened to Wesleys Theory on repeat too. They’re going to make him pay for this bullshit plus interest…he will lose the fight, and his perfect record will be tarnished. This is what they always do to the great black men in America. All because he can’t control his money properly. Or read.

    • black adam

      so he will lose the fight all because you say so?

      damn can i get tomarrows lotto number too?

    • J Walker

      you know a bunch of people do this right?

  • He has it he being a asshole

  • Thee_One1

    Jigga said “Pay your taxes you niggas hustlin backwards”

  • imaginationsequation

    Conor should cancel the fight til Mayweather gets his tax issues together

    • black adam

      yeaaa except conor needs this fight even more because he aint making even a fraction of this kind of purse in that ufc shit.

      • imaginationsequation

        Nawww Conor’s not being looked at by the IRS rite now, so Floyd needs it just a bit more lol…yall dumb

  • fonzo517

    22 mill is a lot but isn’t this dude worth hundreds of millions. seems like he could just pay it easy

  • BeenASavage

    Aye yo! Boss Don is back OWWWW.

  • ChiTownT

    I’m gonna say the same thing I said when people thought Fif was broke when he filled bankruptcy. If you think Floyd is broke because he owes taxes, then you’re dumb AF. Your current commander in chief is an admitted tax cheat. Thing is sometimes they get caught. Let’s be realistic though is 22Ms really gonna break a MF that’s worth half a billi

  • YoungPrime

    No shock….this is the same nigga who can’t read and likes being a side piece to an ugly chick who’s married to a rapper.

    • black adam

      and youre a random broke nigga on his grandmas wifi so whats your point faggot?

      • YoungPrime

        Well,for starters your mother’s cooking is terrible.

  • Manny Bravo

    Niggas always pocket watching. Let this man fight and stop worrying about why he’s doing it.

  • Conner

    Why dosent everyone just not pay the bitch ass government taxes fuck that slave tax shit what could they possibly do about it

  • ymcpa

    The interest the IRS is charging isn’t very high. It was around 3% in 2016. There is a 0.5% per month penalty for late payment. The payment for the 2015 taxes would have been April 15, 2016. So, as of July 2017 he is 15 months late. So, the penalty is about 7% from April-Dec 2016 and around 5.25% for Jan-July 2017. The stock market has been doing better than that in that time period. So, maybe he did do this on purpose. However, if he constantly does this, the IRS can order 25% mandatory withholdings on future income.