Floyd Mayweather Hasn’t Cashed His Checks From McGregor Or Pacquaio

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  • Vaped Krusader

    I bet the issuer of the check disagrees. IRS as well.

    • TheRenaissanceMan

      tf he can cash the cheque in whenever he wants as long as the money is still in their

      • JJonah

        banks aren’t obligated to honor a check over 6mo’s old. .

        • Guest

          For regular checks you’re right but not a $300 Million dollar check.

          • Will Kalynuik

            um it doesnt matter the size of the cheque. This man is either a fool, or lying.

          • Guest

            Lol you can google it. Save yourself the time. I never understood why you people think the same rules apply to these multi millionaires.

          • Grey

            thank you bro

          • G.O.A.T

            no problem fam

        • TheRenaissanceMan

          Yea your mcdonalds check maybe

          • JJonah

            those are directed deposit. now the ones ya moms keep writing me on the other hand. . .

          • SkidRow


    • SlimJuve25

      i agree but not with the irs part, he doesn’t need the check to pay the irs(also he skip a year of taxes stop acting like he’s broke cause he is far from it), i think he meant that the check goes to his business account, an when he want to spend it he writes a check to himself, a way to pay less taxes

  • Ratchet God Rep That Cap Life

    Kinda funny,but if he wanted to he can be the first billionaire boxer, but rather keep his record undefeated.

    • Rome

      He already joined MJ and tiger woods as the only athletes to make a billion from a sport