Florida Rapper Lil Pump’s Coming For J. Cole In New Track

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  • diss track for publicity is wack.

  • Daniel King

    Lol anthoer joke j Cole don’t need to respond to this fool

    • 100squad

      Ole corn ball MF how you gone name yourself after the one thing his momma like (Lil pump). Im in tears over here

      • Daniel King

        What are you on about?

      • Daniel King


        • 100squad

          fr fr

          • Daniel King

            U made me crease lol

    • cheef knowledge

      He doesn’t need to but he should lol it would be funny af remember diggy?

      • Daniel King

        Lol yeah I remember him

  • Food4Thought

    Maybe if these garbage ass niggas had some real talent they wouldn’t have to come for the goats just to get their 5 seconds of fame

  • LatarionMilton

    Makes me NOT wanna listen

  • Dvillain.

    HHE you guys should be embarrassed to report this type of shit, is hiphop really that dried out in news that you must report this?

  • locodon

    Nothing new here. This is the new generation way to get buzz. Barz alone dont do it for these nowadays dudes.

  • DonCDaCapo

    Niggaz be tryna troll on niggaz they no ain’t gon respond to they wack ass they do better dissin Soulja or Yatchy or somebody like that niggaz be reaching for the stars nd ain’t even get to the clouds yet lol

  • Mike

    Whoooo is this nicca not going to waste my time to find out either.

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Thi lil faggot hasn’t even hit puberty yet.

  • Dane Job

    J Cole Haters will get slaughtered, must get one of Dreamvilles rappers to take care of him, he ain’t even worth J Cole’s BARS!!!!