Flavor Flav Is Pissed That Hannibal Buress (Seemingly) Kicked Him In The Face

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  • Dyceraw120

    Can’t stop laughing. .plz stop..lol


    HAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHHAH that kicked looked fucking real from ere bruh.

    • Keyser Soze

      looks pretty fake actually. Especially since that would be considered a violent assault and Flav would have obviously sued them over it if it really happened

      • NightShade

        lol ur talking a little to smart for that idiot to comprehend lmao thats not street logics so its no logic

  • ilikemusic.

    RIP Kid Cudi. jk kinda. I hope the albums dope.

    • Kid Cudi

      I can’t get my samples cleared

      • ilikemusic.

        Damn fam, well at least you got internet access while in your rehab facility…

  • Astronaut

    Nig earned a FLAWLESS VICTORY from the looks of the picture above.

  • Drake Howard

    Got proofs be4 you get some coming

  • JJonah

    Editing?! Cmon son! LOL

  • There was just too many WTFs in that whole clip that aren’t being addressed

    • Vinyl Hutz

      you clearly never seen the eric andre show before, this is standard procedure bruh

  • the biggest question to me is….why tf do people keep going on that show??

    • Buddamane

      its like getting roasted but 100x mo hilarious lol

  • ChiCity300


  • 100squad

    Wanted 15 more minutes of fame & now you a meme…
    Didnt even get paid for getting Street Fighter 2’d either FOH.

  • fillmo

    Fuck Uncle Tom ass Hannibal Buttfest, Flavv has done some Uncle Tomish shit but he come from PE so he get a pass but fuck hannibal butfest

  • Rich Micheal

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